July 12, 2017

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  • Family Farm Day 3-I know that I am definitely waking up slower each morning which possibly is due to the little guy who has taken over Robby's spot. He slept worse last night than the night before. He would cough and cough and toss and turn and grab his ear. Finally, he did get to sleep and I was able to sleep some as well.
  • The kids woke up fairly slow this morning and again my girls were the last ones ready. Reagan was just finishing heating up her bagel when we started spraying people down with bugspray and sunscreen and loading up the car.
  • Robby took the crew again this morning and today the excitement was running into the Kroger to buy Cash a lunch since he forget his at home. They were in the store for about 4 minutes and came running back out so they wouldn't miss the bus.
  • I had to wake up Keaton and Whitman and the excitement here was putting ear drops in his ears. He did fine for me but needed washcloths to put on each ear until he was sure that the drops had dried. I asked him if he felt like going to VBS and before I could even finish my sentence, he was taking off his pjs to put on his clothes.
  • Keaton was in such a hurry to get to her class today that she left me and I had to go behind her to make sure she found her way. After dropping them off, I ran to Walmart and decided that I really loved getting up early and getting things done, and then I drove to the library which wasn't open for 30 more minutes. I didn't wait and headed on home.
  • Robby picked up our VBSers and took them to Grannymom's house for a bit while he ran to the dentist. He was also able to pick up Whitman's second med so as soon as he walked in the door, we gave him a dose.
  • I then laid with Whitman until he coughed and coughed and wore himself out and took a good long nap. Keaton and I worked on her reading book and then she helped me load the car for this evening-we had Cash's bag, my girls' 3 bags, the ice chest for this afternoon, my water, Jodee's food, 2 bathing suits for my boys, April's ice chest, the bag of goggles and the swim towel bag. Now, there is one thing that I did forget...
  • We were about half way there when I started looking for my wallet. I couldn't find it but did have my sunglasses which stay with my wallet so I assumed that it was in the car somewhere. When we arrived at the pick up stop, I searched and searched and picked up my phone to text Robby to look at it. 
  • As soon as I grabbed my phone, my phone rang. It was Robby calling. My first words were, "did you find my wallet?" He said that he did not but an angel did. A big biker man drove up and returned my wallet. Yep, putting stuff on the front of my car caught up with me. My wallet fell off on Sparks road and our good Samaritan found and returned it. 
  • The plumber was at the house so Whitman stayed and finished up his nap while I picked up and delivered the campers. I dropped off the Penningtons and Heltz and then dropped off all of my people at the pool. I was there for a bit while the kids changed their clothes in the car and then I helped Dana pass out supper. She had brought chick fil a for everyone and they went to town.
  • Robby eventually woke Whitman up and headed to the pool. I had left to go and eat and take Jodee a frozen meal. The kids played until after 8 at the pool. Everyone had fun and weren't really ready to leave when Robby and Dana packed up.
  • Dana took home Lilly and all of my girls and Robby just had the boys and Cash. They were able to play here at home a bit before Robby threw them all in bed. Cash is sleeping in Whitman's bed which means that I have one more night of sleeping with Whitman. Hopefully, he will sleep better tonight! 

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