July 6, 2017

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  • Imagine my shock today when I walked through the house this morning and saw that Reagan was awake. I did a double take on the time when I neared a clock just to make sure that I wasn't crazy behind my schedule. She is never wake that early without someone waking her up.
  • I had the chore list on the kitchen table and the kids quickly started on it. Keaton was the only one with school work-he reading book which we will be doing for a while and her preschool phonics pages when I am scrambling trying for her to finish up. 
  • I had finished the treadmill and the kids were putting on their bathing suits when Robby came downstairs telling me that he had broken my treadmill. I guess after 13 years if has finally bit the dust. Can't complain to much about that.
  • We loaded up and headed to the pool to meet all of our buddies. When the kid total from our group was added it up, there were 17 kiddos. Which is funny because it doesn't seem like that many.
  • I had a dentist appointment at 2 and Robby came to watch the kiddos while I ran there. No cavities for me! The kids enjoyed the pool and playing with all of their friends. They enjoy the pool so much more when everyone is there playing with them.
  • Once at home, the kids changed and soon the neighbors were out. Before I realized it, it was after 5 and people would soon be arriving at the house.
  • Robby's cousin and her family along with Grannymom, Grandpa, Dana, Lilly and Cash stopped by. We had oreo delight, brownies and Grannymom had a pecan dessert. After eating, the kids took off and played kickball outside and then moved to spoons and xbox upstairs. 
  • Everyone stayed for a while and when they left after 9, we finally got around to feeding the kiddos supper. Even though they had eaten dessert, they were still starving.  Once everyone had eaten, they showered and were in bed before they knew it.

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