July 30, 2017

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  • Sunday morning and someone climbed in our bed this morning. I am not sure who it was though-I think it might have been Keaton. Yes, it was. When she came downstairs she did bring her dress and lay it in the floor before climbing in bed with us.
  • Whitman was in our room soon after wanting a poptart. He calls this his "snacky breakfast." I held him off until after my shower which meant that my shower was taken with him on the other side of the door saying, "are you done yet?" over and over again.
  • I at least had my clothes on when I started breakfast making and hair combing. It is a wonder that I can ever get myself clothed and hair combed on mornings that we have to leave. Campbell picked out a cute shirt and had on jeans with holes in both knees so I told her she needed to find some jeans with less holes. She came back downstairs with jeans with a hole in one knee. She was not pleased when I asked her to look for a pair with no holes at all so she opted for a dress.
  • Today was my last Sunday to teach since we will be out next week and afterwards, we stayed for big church. Robby and Campbell even stayed after that for her Sunday school classes end of the year party. We all could have stayed but we didn't want to overwhelm everyone. 
  • The rest of us headed over to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. Nonna even had a birthday cake cupcake to end Graham's birthday celebrations. He has talked about his party all day today and has enjoyed tearing into his presents.
  • He was pretty anxious to leave Nonna's house, after he finished working some of his legos with Jason. He wanted to go home and work on putting together his pull up bar. Graham and I worked on the pull up bar and had it ready go when Robby came inside. They took it upstairs and hung it up and apparently, not any folks in this family can do a pull up! I think that I shall practice that skill every time I walk into the bonus room.
  • The rest of the afternoon was pretty lazy-as in, I took a nap, Robby did some work and the kids watched movies. Keaton did lay down beside me and after a few good coughing spells went right on to sleep and I think I have now designated her as my new naptime buddy.
  • After 4, we loaded up and headed to the pool. The kids swam until 7-well, everyone, except Whitman who was sound asleep from the drive over, swam the first hour. Then Whitman and Campbell were the only ones who swam the entire second hour. The water was cold and the wind was blowing which made for a pretty chilly swim!
  • At 7, we loaded up and headed home for showers. I pulled out supper and soon the Wilsons for over to help us finish off our leftovers from last night. The kids played some board games and Robby and Tony ended up leaving for a movie. Shannon and her kids left around 10 so I shoved my kids into bed and started folding mounds of laundry that I have let pile up this weekend!
  • Illness update: Keaton is still coughing like a maniac but feels fine. Anderson acts puny-ish but when I asked him if he felt better, this was the first time that he said, "yes." So maybe everyone is on the mend!

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