July 9, 2017

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  • Whitman was pretty coughy when we laid him down beside our bed last night and it just continued. Robby and I went to sleep briefly before his coughing woke us both up. We tried water, we tried Anderson's breather and we even tried to roll him over but none of that worked.
  • As soon as I had gone back to sleep, his coughing woke him up and I heard him saying "Mom?" and then climbing into our bed. As soon as he climbed in, Robby climbed out and headed upstairs to Keaton's empty bed. He had the choice of 6 beds up there but probably picked the wrong one-he said Keaton's bed is too close to the wall and squeaky, her pillow was flat and he felt like her mattress was slanted. 
  • Thankfully, we all did get a bit of sleep last night-just not as much as we had planned. Keaton, Campbell, Reagan and Lilly slept in the bonus room and they were awake before my alarm rang after 7. After I had taken my shower, I went to the bottom of the steps and told the girls to put on their clothes and they were quick to let me know that they were already dressed.
  • Even though they were dressed already, we were still scrambling when it was time to leave. The girls were barely able to eat their breakfast before I threw them in the car. We saw all of the grands and then headed to our Sunday school classes. 
  • After class, we headed on to Grannymom's house a bit early skipping big church. The boys were already there and the kids had a chance to play before we ate. Grannymom had sandwiches and all of the fixings along with a whole meal of leftovers. After we ate, the kids played some more and then everyone changed into their swimsuits.
  • We are working hard on increasing our pool number. This was our 18th visit and the goal is 30 so we are well on our way. Lilly and Cash were there with us and Grannymom even showed up so the kids were completely happy. 
  • We stayed for about 3 hours and then said our goodbyes to Keaton and Whitman. They are beginning their week of fun by spending the night at Grannymom's house. My crew came home and unloaded the car before quick showers and a bunch of straightening.
  • Soon the neighbors were out so out my crew went. I was busy cooking a few meals and Robby was working in his office. Once I had finished, I had one more project-cleaning out our vacuum cleaner closet. This made me want to switch a set of drawers out but I couldn't do it by myself so Robby came to help. This little project involved measuring every set of drawers in our house. In the end we moved the drawers out of the closet, moved drawers in that closet from my bedroom and then moved them back, then moved a shelf from the boys room to the garage and finally moving the drawers from the closet to the boys room. We were as hot and sweaty as the kids were when they came back inside tonight.
  • They had their showers and then it was bedtime-tomorrow is Family Farm so everyone needs lots of rest!

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