September 30, 2017

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  • Robby just had to whisper up the stairs this morning and down came Anderson and Graham. Whitman was laying beside me so I didn't have to go far to wake him up. He came down in the middle of the night asking for me to put his pajamas on him. When we got home late last night and he was already asleep, I just put a pull up on him with his clothes back on. I guess he didn't think that was proper sleep attire.
  • It took mere seconds for Anderson and Graham to put on their Razorback red. They were so excited to go to the ball game. Now, Whitman, not so much. He had already told me that he wanted to stay with me (he is a bit of a momma's boy) and also said that he didn't want to see a game. He probably only remembers sitting at hot, boring soccer games.
  • Robby and the boys left before 7 and before I could even get myself back in bed, Campbell was awake and in my room. She talked quite a bit to me and I finally was able to go back to sleep for about 5 minutes at a time.
  • By 8, all of the girls were awake. I did finally get up and start on the dishes and multiple loads of laundry. After we all ate breakfast, I started making some healthy soup for me to eat during the week for lunch. This took a bit and by the time I was dressed and ready, it was nearly 11.
  • I had the girls get ready and grab a bit to eat for lunch even though it was early. I decided to eat some of my soup. There were quite a few recipes in this cookbook that I wanted to try. I picked this one because I had some of the ingredients. It was a definite fail! It tasted way too healthy!
  • Then the girls and I headed to Micheals for a little kids class. We went when it was almost over so there wasn't anyone else there. We made cute little pom pom pumpkin garland and that helper was so nice to the girls and kept giving them ideas about other things to make. After everyone had made their garland, we bought one more item and then headed to Home Depot.
  • I had a return also at Home Depot but we bought some stain there and used that stop was a bathroom break. Next up was Hobby Lobby-we walked all over that store. Reagan had a few gift cards to spend and she spent almost all of them. Campbell, Keaton and I did our best to help her spend all of her money.
  • Then we stopped at Sonic and waited until Happy Hour before ordering drinks. We picked up Grannymom and Grandpa and went to Burns Park to watch Zach play soccer. The temperature was decent but the sun was just so hot!
  • We did our best to stay in the shade but to see we couldn't stay there too long. Keaton and Campbell finally got umbrellas out of the car to help with the sun. The game was interesting and Zach played great. They won 2-0.
  • Just as the game was over, Robby and the boys were back in town. They had driven to Fayetteville and ran into Robby's cousin. Then they ended up sitting in his box. I believe that my boys might be a bit spoiled after today-not only was there breakfast there but also there was unlimited drinks and cookies. Whitman had a blast and next time we go to a ballgame, he will be expecting cokes and cookies,
  • We sent Anderson and Graham on with Grannymom and Grandpa to eat with Les and his crew. We would have gone but were afraid that with 6 more, the wait would be just too crazy long. However, the boys acted like not too many folks were there at all though. We went the boys along so they could get a chance to see their cousins.
  • Robby, the girls, Whitman and I drove around town trying to find another Mexican place to go to. We finally did but weren't too impressed but it did kill hunger and we did get a dessert! Afterwards, we headed back to Grannymom's house to pick up the boys and pick up my car.
  • Then at home, Robby unloaded his car while I unloaded my car while the kids rotated through the showers. By 9, everyone was in bed and by 10, Anderson was down with a bloody nose. Graham came down with him and we sat on on the steps until his nose stopped gushing-they are both wired after such a great day.

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