Christmas Ornament Countdown 2017: 24 Days Until Christmas

This is my 7th year to do Christmas Ornament Countdowns on the blog. I must truly have way too much time on my hands. Most people probably do not have their Christmas ornaments photographed and blogged about along with a spreadsheet of each of the ornaments. We have 238 travel ornaments that we have collected in our 17 years.

Our first true ornament came when we were in Disney World for our honeymoon. It became a tradition when bought our next ornament on our 1 year anniversary trip in Philadelphia. The original plan was for us to travel to a new state each year on our anniversary. Somehow, we got ahead of ourselves and finished early and somehow, we ended up with many more than one ornament per state.

After this years ornament posts, I will just have 11 ornaments that I have not blogged about. I guess that means that we need to travel to a lot of places this next year so I can buy at least 13 new ornaments to complete the countdown next year. That seems doable since I did buy exactly 11 ornaments this year.

Washington D.C. is one of Robby's absolute favorite places. So much so that we have been there on 6 different trips. Of the many landmarks in D.C., the one that I always enjoy seeing is the U.S. Capitol building and today's showcase ornament. I think that on at least one of our trips there, the Capitol has been under construction with dome covered in scaffolding. We have toured the Capitol building twice-once before the massive security and once afterwards. Even with tons of security, it is still an awe-inspiring place and I feel very fortunate that our Capitol is a mini replica of it.

Here is the link to our visit to D.C. in 2016

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