January 31, 2019

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  • I didn't set my alarm last night for some reason. Thankfully, I did wake up in time to get our school started at the right time. I will say though that I am not sure why I don't just set my alarm to ring at the same time every week day-maybe I am secretly hoping that I will forget and sleep in.
  • School was fairly smooth this morning. Robby walked by Whitman who had set up camp in the hallway. He was sitting on a blanket spread out on the floor sitting with his lap desk working on his school work. Robby commented that he had not seem him working before. Yep, it has taken us about 5 months for him to figure it all out. 
  • Graham was finished with his school pretty early this morning. He wakes up and goes right to the school room to work on his work. When I walk by each morning there is a pile of papers on the floor that he has already completed. If we could now just improve his handwriting!
  • Anderson always does his easiest work first so around 11 each day, I start to get a bit frustrated with him reminding him that he hasn't given me any work yet. He assures me that he is "almost done" and soon starts turning stuff in. 
  • Everyone was finished with their school work this morning before noon. We were actually eating a noon today and someone commented that we were eating lunch early. Most everyone had tortillas for lunch today. Robby did as well and was happy to have his meal delivered to him while he was working. 
  • The kids worked on their chores as I headed off for my yearly mammogram. I wasn't gone too long but did have a bit of time to read my book. Then it was back home for me. I did some work on legos with Anderson. He wasn't very much into it today, but I actually kind of enjoy it right now. 
  • Campbell and Keaton managed to go outside for a little bit this afternoon. They sure do love the neighbors trampoline. Campbell has almost figured out how she will be able to afford one, but I am not so sure that they will enjoy jumping as much if the trampoline is there on. Robby is already trying to figure out where we will put it since the yard already seems so much smaller since the land behind us has sold.
  • Robby made supper for us tonight which we ate before all heading to Anderson's basketball practice. We ran to the Dollar Store after dropping him off, but then we all stayed at the gym during his practice. We walked some and the kids played ping pong for a little bit. Then we went back to Chick Fil A to use our last receipt from the buy one get one free week.
  • After we all drank our shakes tonight, it was time to head home for showers for everyone. As soon as Whitman was out of the shower, it was time for bed for the crew. Tomorrow will be a pretty busy day-busy enough that I have thought about drawing a diagram of who is going where, when and how! 

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