March 1, 2019

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  • I woke up in the middle of the night (not really, but 5:30 is the middle of the night for me) and thought that I heard someone knocking. I guess I didn't because they didn't knock again. I am pretty sure that I just woke up because I had to go the bathroom and heard the ice maker dropping it's ice. It did unnerve me for a good little bit though. 
  • I have been having crazy dreams lately so that probably also added to my knocking dream. A few days ago I dreamed that I was running late to take the ACT, couldn't find the class room in the rain and had Whitman with me. Now why in the world would I be taking the ACT with Whitman. 
  • I was still in bed this morning when Graham came in our room. He dropped a pile of papers and told me that he was already done with school. Now when you skip your word problems in math, don't do your math on the computer and just barely finish your writing assignment then yep, you can finish your school quickly.
  • I woke up everyone else, except for Whitman. Whitman had already decided that he was hungry and got himself a mound of Lucky Charms on a plate. I swear by the time that I saw it, it was at least 2 bowls full and he had already eaten all of the marshmallows.
  • I read while everyone had their breakfasts and then they all started on their school work. Anderson once again saved all of his difficult items to Friday. This makes me crazy, but not nearly as crazy as Keaton coming in and showing that Graham and Reagan had not done their computer math. (We had already fixed his real math and writing.) 
  • Then I started looking and found that Reagan has only done her computer math about 3 times in the month of February. It was a good thing that I saw all of this about the time that Robby and I were getting ready to go to lunch with the Wilsons. Don't worry though, I have given Reagan plenty of extra work next week to make up for all of those days that she missed! Urgh!
  • We went to the White Pig Inn in NLR for lunch. They are 99 years old, closing next Friday and were just became a member of the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame. We aren't really sure what it is normally like, but when we tried to order today, the lady cut us off and said we only have pork sandwiches and fries. So that is what we had.
  • Now, by the time that we left, some people were getting bowls of something-possibly beans. We had asked about fried pies but I don't think that lady wanted us to have them so we didn't get any. That was fine though because on the way out of the hood, we stopped at Wink's. Robby and I split a peanut butter shake and some peanut brittle. The peanut brittle was wonderful, and the ice cream still did a number on my stomach.
  • Anyway, once we came home, it was time for me to turn around and take Reagan, Anderson and Graham to East and to drop Campbell and Keaton off with Sara to play with her girls for a bit. The kids seemed to enjoy East. I sat near the door so I was able to hear most of their class. And the girls had fun playing at Sara's house.
  • Afterwards, we dropped the boys off at basketball. Then I ran into the grocery store with Keaton and Campbell. I wasn't planning on buying a lot but we ended up with a completely full buggy-I was even carrying things by the time we made it to the cashier.
  • At home, we headed up supper. Robby ate really quickly and then headed off to pick up the boys. They were ready to go tonight and came home hungry. By the time I could finish working on next week's school work, they had already eaten and showered. 

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