April 1, 2019

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  • Monday morning and the first we saw of Whitman was him running through our room. He told me that he was sweaty last night. Instead I do believe that his "sweat" was due to the countless juices from his mini fridge.
  • I explained to him that he wasn't sweaty, but instead he had gone to the bathroom. He leaned up against my door frame, and puzzled, "so you can pee while you are asleep?" Yes, indeed you can and yes, I am indeed guarding that mini fridge tonight!
  • Our school day went fairly smooth this morning. The last few Mondays, I have been finishing earlier than usual but for some reason I did not today. I was able to do some garage sale pricing before lunch so I wasn't running too far behind.
  • We did our lunch reading, and then everyone started to work on their chores. There were a few April Fool's pranks happening today. Graham did put white frosting on everyone's toothbrushes as their tooth paste this morning. Whitman really liked that toothpaste! 
  • Campbell and Keaton wrapped everyone's shoes in toilet paper. Graham and also Anderson enjoyed taping the kitchen sprayer to be in the on position. I know that Whitman was one person who got extremely wet and was not happy about it. I also know that my laundry basket is a bit full of wet towels!
  • We read a bit this afternoon-I only have to read 3.5 pages of history each day now to finish before the end of our school year. Now after we did our work together, I walked on the treadmill for a minute or two. Then it was time to load up for Third Realm.
  • This was our 11th day in a row to go there. Ha! I did let Anderson stay home today because he doesn't feel all that great. He is still coughing pretty often-urgh. Hopefully, he will feel better tomorrow. 
  • When we came home, I went to work on changing over Whitman's clothes. Robby made supper which we were trying out for one of our trip meals. It was pretty good, and we even have leftovers for tomorrow's lunch.
  • After supper, Anderson headed to the shower. I told him to close the doors and get it real steamy in there. I thought that might help with his cough. However, I neglected to remember the new smoke detector in there.
  • On a very positive note, all of our smoke detectors work and work wonderfully. There were dings and sirens and a voice saying "EMERGENCY. THERE IS SMOKE IN THE BATHROOM!" We were still cooking the leftover pizzas, and I had smelled the oven earlier. I assumed there was something on the bottom of the oven. I grabbed a chair and silenced that alarm. 
  • But the rest of them were still ringing and shouting at us. Robby was taking the trash out so he was outside during this. Graham then shouted, "It is up here." I asked "smoke?" as I was running up there. No smoke upstairs in their hallway but a very mad smoke alarm. I silenced that one but there were more still making noise.
  • I know the kitchen and the hallway are not the "bathroom" as the alarm said, but I did want to check all of my bases. By this time, I did head to my bathroom. Robby was there by then, silencing everything with his phone. Anderson was there as well about ready to get in the shower, but pretty shaken! He said that he had called me a few times, but I was running everywhere else in the house. 
  • On a very positive note, the smoke detectors all work and work wonderfully. That makes me very happy...and a little bit shaky! Ha! Once things were back to normal, we gathered in the living room to watch a few shows and eat a snack. Before too long, it was finally bedtime for the crew.

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