April 28, 2019

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  • It was nearly impossible to wake Whitman up this morning. I guess I should start telling Anderson and Graham that they can make a little more noise in their bedrooms in the mornings. They must be pretty silent not to wake Whitman while finding their Sunday clothes and changing in the dark room.  
  • Sunday's use to be such hard work but they are really fairly easy right now. There was hair, bottles, tights, breakfasts, dress shoes-wow, things are so easy right now. If I could just teach Whitman how to button his shirt then I could sleep in another 20 minutes or so. (No, it really doesn't take me that long to button his shirt.)
  • Church was church. My Sunday school class did walk out to the rock to read our passage. They enjoyed that, and it was fun to take a field trip. I wish I could find some place to go every Sunday to make things a bit more interesting. 
  • We did leave Sunday school early so we could make it to the Guess and Co. sale this afternoon in Des Arc. This was the only day that I could possibly go during their sale so Robby volunteered for us all to go together. Or, well, something like that. 
  • We weren't sure what we were going to eat for lunch so we didn't pack anything but snacks. However, we did decide on BBQ from Nick's BBQ on the way. First we did have to run to Walmart for me to buy buns and chips. That worked out find since Robby had to get gas as well.
  • Then we picked up the BBQ, and I dished it out to everyone. I told Robby that most people would find it strange to be making barbecue sandwiches while zooming down the interstate, but I don't really at all. It is like that is what I was made to do.
  • There wasn't crazy long lines at the sale today like there was in December. So we walked right in and walked around. There were many, many pretty things but we only bought a tray and sign. The sign says Bake Shop and will go in my kitchen. Now the tray is my favorite but I have no spot at all for it. I know I will at some point so I still bought it. 
  • Once we left the sale, we headed home a different way and stopped in Jacksonville at a fried pie shop. We had a chocolate, apple and vanilla. They were delicious even though I burned my tongue.
  • Then we had to fly back to Little Rock to get Reagan to her mission trip meeting at 4. From there Candice took her to her life group later in the evening so she was gone most of the night. Back at home, Robby and I unloaded the car and then we worked outside some. We tried to work on the garage and did move things around in his little shed.
  • The kids played outside for a long while. We did eventually have to make Campbell and Keaton go inside. The neighbors were having their family Easter party and even had an Easter egg hunt. Campbell and Keaton just stared at them from our yard like sad puppies-so we sent them in.
  • Soon I fixed this crew supper and then Robby and I ran to pick up Reagan from her life group. This is the last one of the season so that makes me a bit sad. I really like her life group people. We took Noah and Alyssa home as well so we were gone for a few minutes.
  • When we did arrive back home, I passed out a snack and then soon it was bedtime for all. It has been a pretty busy weekend.

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