April 29, 2019

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  • It was at 2 this morning that Campbell came in to tell me that Keaton was sick upstairs. I hurried upstairs to find Keaton sitting by her mess on the floor. Bless it. At least she made it to the bathroom. 
  • I cleaned everything up, and then brought her downstairs. I could tell that she felt fine now, and I wasn't too concerned about any more events. She slept all through the night after that. And you know who else slept all through the night? Robby. He "never heard" Campbell, or me get up or even Keaton coming in to sleep on our floor. Hmm, doesn't that sound suspicious? Actually, he was sleeping so soundly during all of this that I did check to see if he was indeed breathing-he was.
  • My last night wake up event probably caused me to be a bit frazzled this morning or maybe it was because I hit snooze just a few too many times. I know exactly what time I need to wake up to start the day smoothly and I continually see that time on my clock and hit snooze!
  • The kids all made their breakfasts, and then we read and read. Today, we finished history! I thought that this would never happen. Now we will still have to work two or three more days on our timeline, but don't with history! That is cause for celebration. (Just FYI-next year's history will be modern times so that will be more interesting to me at least.)
  • School was finished by pretty much everyone by 11. Every day someone is finishing up something. Today, Anderson tried to work with me, but I had to remind him that the only thing we have to do together right now is check his math. These are my favorite few school weeks of the year when their load is lighter, and we can relax a little bit. Now the only way that these few weeks are possible is because we have worked our rears off through out the year to get all of our things finished.
  • Reagan had an orthodontist appointment at lunchtime. Robby was able to take her. It does seem that she will get her braces off next visit-that kind of scares me. I would prefer for those braces to stay on as long as possible so we don't have to deal with retainers. 
  • When they came home, we did some more school stuff before heading to Third Realm with all of the buddies. The boys get so sweaty there-it is just nasty. You wouldn't think that they are working that hard, but I guess that they most certainly are.
  • Once at home, I joined Robby out in the yard. We stayed out there until almost 8. As we worked in the yard, I made a mental list of everything that needs to happen at our Dennie compound. Campbell and Keaton were the last ones in tonight. They came in just as supper was ready-BBQ and baked potatoes. It hit the spot since we were pretty hungry from working in the yard. 
  • Everyone had showers tonight-well, I haven't had mine yet, but that is next. Since supper was so late, we didn't have much of an evening. I was still cleaning up the kitchen at 9 so by the time I sat down it was bedtime!

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