April 3, 2019

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  • Whitman was the first one to wake up this morning. He came in our room to tell us that none of his brothers or sisters were up yet to pour him some milk, so he was going to need us to do it. Robby took one for the team and came back reporting that Whitman had turned on every light in the living room. I guess he isn't use to being alone and wanted to make sure that it was plenty light.
  • Reagan had snack this morning so she was pretty pleased about carrying in her snack. It is funny how excited the kids get about their snack. They do not want to miss their snack day at all. I am glad that a pan of brownies can make them so happy. 
  • After Bible study, we drove slowly on the way to Third Realm. We and the Heltz were the only ones there today. Whitman asked if they would turn off the lights and the lady agreed. The kids think that it is the neatest thing ever. Anderson was able to jump a little bit more today, so that is good. Today was actually our 13th (I think) time to go in a row. We probably won't go tomorrow since their is soccer practice, however, it looks like that practice might be cancelled due to weather so we just might go one more time.
  • Once we came home, I worked on the boys' clothes for a little bit. Then it was time for Keaton and I to leave. We headed to a doctor's appointment just to check her little arms. We did leave we a pretty good plan for her ezcema plus two new prescriptions. I also left very encouraged because Martin said that sun and chlorine were good for ezcema, and Keaton is about to get lots of that.
  • We picked up her new medicine and hurried home. Then we loaded up the car with the Dennies, Robby, Alyssa and Kennedy. Robby came with us to go to a meeting tonight at church. Reagan and Alyssa had a referee meeting before their activities started tonight. So everyone headed off to lots of places after we ate our supper.
  • There was lots to talk about on the way home-Reagan's meeting, Anderson went to the youth tonight, Campbell's group went shopping and Whitman's group went to the children's department tonight. It was quite a noisy ride home. 
  • Once at home, a few folks had showers but everyone had a snack. Then the kids had a few minutes of downtime before it was time for bed.

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