April 27, 2019

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  • Even after staying up until 11 last night, the kids jumped up this morning when I started waking them up. Everyone really does love soccer days - I think even Whitman enjoys it. Campbell met us there after spending the night with Nonna and Pops.
  • Keaton's game was first, and the team she played had a super star on it. The score was pretty bad, but Keaton played hard and had fun. Whitman was next. Robby coached his team since his coach was out of town. They did win which is surprising because there are other boys on the team and are more distracted than Whitman.
  • Anderson and Graham were next. I do think that they lost, but man their team is so fun. They are so kind to each other, say things like "Good job, York" or "It's okay, Brodie," I think that they are my favorite to watch. Campbell was last and her team tied. Campbell was the goalie for all but the last period. She hustled hard that period, and hopefully her coach saw that she can do some good out of the field and will let her play the field some which is where she really wants to be. 
  • And Reagan-she was the ref for 3 games today. Once on Robby's field, once on the big field with another ref and once by herself. Some of the coaches aren't always kind to the refs (we saw that once today and also heard about it once today) so I did make sure that Reagan was fine when she was by herself, and she was just fine. 
  • Now the soccer game part is fun for the kids, but what they really enjoy is just being outside. During every half and in between every game, the kids find someone to play soccer with. The older ref girls have been so sweet to my little girls. Whitman always seems to find people to play with as well. We spied him playing duck duck goose at one point today with a bunch of little people. 
  • The weather was pretty perfect today. We are a bit pink, but not nearly as bad as last week. I did spray everyone much better, but probably should have reapplied it. It was so pleasant outside that I think that Graham forgot to drink enough water. By the time that we made it home, he knew he was going to be sick.
  • It was probably 30 minutes later, that I had him come outside where I was. We got him a chair and put the fan on him as Robby and I worked to replace his lawn mower blades. Soon I see Graham-he indeed was sick. I would have to guess that he was dehydrated because afterwards, he was just fine and spend the rest of the afternoon playing and eating. He did go to bed a bit early, but he more than any other Dennie kids gets tired and will go to bed if they are exhausted.
  • Robby mowed most of the afternoon. I picked up some sticks, fixed a picture frame and basically just piddled outside and played with the kids when they would come outside. It was a pretty perfect and pleasant afternoon.
  • It was around 7 when Robby and I left the house to get up some Mexican food. We ate and then hurried back to Burger King to pick up the kids' food. Not surprisingly, Burger King took almost as long as our meal. The kids gobbled up their food when we finally made it home.
  • Multiple showers were needed for some of us today which really just amounts to a wonderful day.

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