April 12, 2019

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  • After waking everyone up, we started on our school work. I enjoy school when it is our 4th school day of the week. Things are a bit easier for me-not for Anderson though because he always saves his hardest items for the last day.
  • School was uneventful enough that I had time to make grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone's lunches. I took specific orders-some with turkey, some with regular cheese, some with mustard. It was pretty complicated but everyone did receive the right orders.
  • Whitman made a scavenger hunt for Anderson which Anderson graciously did with him. Of course I was the one who actually had to make the scavenger hunt to Anderson. Whitman still had school work to finish so I made sure that he worked on that before grabbing his ipad after he finished with Anderson.
  • Now, I eventually decided that I better help the poor distracted boy out or he would never finish his school work. I do think that if he was in a real classroom he would definitely have to be on some meds for attention. I sat down and did the writing while he told me the answers to help him finish his work.
  • Around 3, I jumped in the car with the bigs to take them to East. This is their next to last class and I think that are looking forward to being done with it. They have learned a lot yet they have also wasted a lot of time. 
  • Robby worked in the yard and then took the littles to Third Realm for some jumping. Then they ran to Walmart and to eat while I dropped off the big boys at basketball. Reagan and I then did some shopping and picked up food for the 3 big kids. 
  • Once at home, everyone finished eating, showered and then Keaton and Robby made some cookie dough and cookies for us to enjoy before bedtime.

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