April 16, 2019-Branson Trip 2

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The tooth fairy didn't come until early this morning. I actually heard movement upstairs and was about to hurry up there, but couldn't find my cash stash. The fairy had already put everything exactly where it should go. 

Keaton was pleased with her 2 dollars from the tooth fairy. No one else seemed to complain even though the tooth fairy hasn't given that much money for a tooth in years. I guess they realized that teeth that are pulled are worth more money. We soon began on our school work. Everyone seemed to fly through their school today. Anderson was the last one finished, but he was finished way before noon though. Nonna stopped by to bring everyone a Sonic drink this morning. They were delighted to see her and delighted to see her drinks. 

Before lunch, we worked on a few chores around the house. The biggest chore we had to do was to bring all of my garage sale stuff down from the attic. My pile looked huge in the attic, but once it was stacked neatly in the garage it didn't look so big after all.

I sat down for a few minutes and then had to scurry around for us to leave. Anderson had some medicine ready at Sams so we ran to pick that up and then picked up Grannymom and Grandpa.

I drove us all to Conway where we met Robby. Then from there we zoomed to Branson. It didn't take us long at all to get up here. We had a few snacks-Robby did make our traveling rice krispy treats last night. 

We did stop for a potty break just once on the way. The kids were pretty quiet during the trip since they were busy playing on their ipads. Once in Branson, we drove right to Danna's BBQ. We beat the crowds because by the time that we left the place, all of the tables were full.

The food was delicious. Robby had a bbq baked potato which was very good. Campbell and I split bbq nachos and everyone else had bbq sandwiches. More than one Dennie said that they wanted to come back and eat there again.

From there, it was just a short hop to our motel. The rooms are decent, and we hung out for a few minutes before going out for our next adventure. We headed out to The Landing. We walked around a bit and went into a few stores.

Campbell and Keaton enjoyed playing on the large chair while the boys played the bean bag game. We were nearby when the fountains did their show so we all watched that. We walked through a few stores. Graham enjoyed the sports store full of sportsy logos. He said that he could live in that store.

We didn't need Hurts or Andy's so we opted for ice cream sundaes from McDonalds. From there, it was a short drive back to the hotel. We vegged out for a little bit before finally bedding down in our hotel rooms. The big boys are sleeping in Grannymom and Grandpa's room and the rest of us are in our little room. It is pretty cozy in here!

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