April 23, 2019

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  • I am not too sure why Robby and I keep waking up at 6:30 in the morning to go to the bathroom. Seriously, I know that is the time that we should get on out of bed and start our morning. However, it is so much more fun to curl up and sleep for another hour or so. 
  • My mornings would be a bit slower if I did go ahead and wake up, but what fun would that be. Robby headed off to Conway early today while I was herding everyone to my room to start on school.
  • Our fridge has been a bit contrary so we decided to empty it, turn it off and let everything completely defrost/unthaw out. That has made for lots of trip to the garage today. The first thing we needed outside was milk for our breakfasts. Whitman asked me a few times for another cup, but I just urged him to grab something from his mini fridge instead. The fridge is turned back on now and we are waiting on it to cool off before reloading it. Though we have talked about just bringing back things into the fridge and freezer as we need them.
  • Graham had a tough time during school today, and it took him until mid afternoon before he had calmed down and was his happy self again. Everyone did finish their school at a decent time-well, not Whitman. He can be focused or he can be not focused at all. When he did realize that everyone else was finished, I sat beside him and he finished an entire page before I realized what he had done. 
  • We had our lunch and gathered a few things from the outside fridge to eat. Then we had to take everything back outside. Campbell has snack for her Bible study class tomorrow so as soon as she was finished with her school work, she started on it. Graham also has snack so this afternoon we worked on his oreo balls. 
  • I helped work on clothes with Reagan and Campbell. We don't have too much to do in their room before I will be completely finished with the clothes changeover. I also had everyone try on bathing suits today-and Whitman wore his for most of the afternoon.
  • We met the Heltz at Third Realm this afternoon. The kids never seem tired of jumping. Once we made it home, I went to the treadmill while the kids tried to find neighbors to play with. They didn't find anyone to play with until after supper.
  • We had manicotti for supper, and it was delicious-some freezer meals are really yummy. When we do have a good freezer meal, I always want to make more things for my freezer. This evening everyone had their showers and started packing their lunches for tomorrow.

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