April 13, 2019

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  • We found out last night that there would not be soccer this morning, so we planned to sleep as late as we could. Obviously, we knew we would be up fairly early because after all we did have 6 kids.
  • Whitman was the one who came in our room first this morning. We did get him to lay by us for a few minutes, but after hearing his stomach growl and him asking for breakfast, I did get up. He asked for me to get him breakfast and breakfast for his bear because they were going on a picnic.
  • Now, when Reagan was little, I would have gotten Reagan her breakfast and then just handed her an empty plate and cup for her bear. I think that I am a little bit more of a relaxed mom these days-I made Whitman a full breakfast and I also made his bear a full breakfast. 
  • A bit later, Robby came through and reported that Whitman had eaten all of his breakfast and bear had eaten over half of his. Bear did eventually finish off his meal but neither of them asked for more.
  • We ran to Pennys at 10 to pick up a coupon. Campbell and I tried to find her an Easter something in just a few minutes, but we weren't able to. We knew that would happen so Robby and I had brought two cars so Campbell and I could return to Pennys after we met our buddies at Third Realm. 
  • After jumping, we ran back to the store in the pouring rain. It was messy outside and pretty crowded in the store. It took a while, but we did finally find Campbell an Easter shirt and some pants to wear to church. She is a hard one to fit. We had even found another shirt which I thought would be buy one get one free. However, it was not on sale so we didn't get it. Thankfully, that was just an extra shirt and not the one that she really wanted but still-urgh!
  • We then hurried home-well, we didn't hurry because it was raining cats and dogs. I jumped in the shower while Campbell ate and then we switched places. Everyone else had already eaten and dressed and were waiting on us. 
  • We then went to the matinee of The Kingdom. It had been 4 years since the choir had done it, and it was wonderful. Better than I remember. There were a few changes and it was just so good. We are even planning on going back tomorrow night.
  • Then we brought Camryn home with us and picked up pizza on the way. After we got the kids settled, Robby and I left to eat supper with the McGuires. We ate at The Pantry. It was pretty good though I wasn't crazy about what I ordered. I usually always have order envy and wish I had ordered what someone else had. Robby's meat was covered in blueberries which was pretty delicious (even he liked it.)
  • We did pick up donuts for the kids snack and for Sunday school tomorrow on the way home. The kids were all playing a game in the living room when we arrived. We passed out donuts and then let them play our shocking hot potato game. That was fun. And I did capture a picture of Whitman that perfectly shows the hot potato game.
  • Then it was almost bedtime for the crew. Reagan did tell me late tonight that Whitman saw her and Camryn editing photos. Whitman said, "oh, so you are making a montage." Poor Reagan didn't even know what that meant, but her 6 year old brother did and used the word correctly. 

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