April 21, 2019-Happy Easter!

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  • We were again up early this morning. Robby and I were about to climb out of bed when Whitman crawled over my head to get between us so we stayed a bit longer. Campbell, who was fully dressed, was next to come in our room. 
  • By the time that I walked through the living room, the big boys were dressed and on their ipads. I did have to wake up Keaton and Reagan. However, they did start stirring fairly quickly. We needed every extra minute this morning because we had our annual Easter pictures to take along with Easter baskets.
  • The kids all get socks and underwear in their baskets and have for a few years. They also had a bit of candy in there, but the kids seemed a bit underwhelmed with their baskets. That is fine with me though since most everyone needed new undies and I spent an ungodly amount on their undergarments. 6 packages of undies and 6 packages of socks are not cheap!
  • We had to leave a bit early because we were on parking detail at church. We did miss most of the meeting so that might be the reason that we didn't know what we were doing. We did figure it out eventually. 
  • Actually, not all of us helped on the parking lot. I sent Reagan and Whitman to put down our Bible and save us seats. They did come out briefly to check on us. At one point, Campbell asked if Robby knew everyone since as he was directing people, most of them were waving at him. And it did seem as if we did know quite a few of the folks pulling in our section. 
  • Graham and Keaton headed in next. When it was church time, I tried to get Campbell and Anderson to go on it, but they were really enjoying it so I ended up going in to church. Robby and those two stayed out until about 15 minutes after church had started.
  • It took me a few minutes to find Reagan and the seats that she had saved for us. When I walked in, everyone was standing singing-except for Whitman. I quickly rectified that and he was fine for the rest of the service. 
  • Church was great and full today. It was so full that we were in no hurry to get out of there. We waited around and took a few pictures at the photo booths before finally braving the parking lot. By the time that we left, the parking lot was cleared out pretty good.
  • At home, we got everything ready for our Easter lunch. We just had to heat up the dip, rolls and potatoes. Soon all of the family arrived, and we dug in to our Easter lunch. By the time that that the adults had started to eat, the kids had already finished their meals. I think they were pretty excited about the egg hunt.
  • Whitman did make some Easter eggs out of his dot markers for the kids to find. He was so pleased with himself. Next was the real egg hung. Now, I did have a lot less eggs this year but they still covered the yard. It didn't take very long for them to find all of the eggs that we had hidden.
  • Now, after finding the eggs each year my kids and Lilly and Cash all go inside and start opening their eggs and trading their candy. It is a like a swap meet or the stock exchange with everyone trading away. I think that this tradition might just be their most favorite part of finding eggs.
  • After the grands left, the neighbors came outside. The kids ended up playing outside until almost 8 when the neighbors had to go home. Then we loaded up and went to the Wilsons for a few minutes.
  • We took some chicken and Shannon had some yummy mac and cheese that my people devoured. We visited over there until it was absolutely bedtime for my crew. Once at home, everyone still had to have showers before bed. Everyone was kind of looking forward to doing school tomorrow since they can eat all of their candy as they work. 

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