April 14, 2019

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  • Everyone seemed to stir fairly quickly this morning. A little bit of that was because Camryn had spent the night so my little girls wanted to be ready to hang out with the big girls as much as they could. And a little bit of it was because we did have leftover doughnuts for breakfast.
  • We were able to see the grands before we sat down for big church. Campbell and Whitman tried really hard to sit on the front row. I made them move back but we did tell Campbell that she could sit on the front row. We reminded her that her daddy always did growing up, but she did not want to sit by herself.
  • In Sunday school, we barely had enough time to do our craft and eat our snack which does make the time go by quickly. Then we headed on to Grannymom's house for lunch. After everyone ate, Keaton went with Dana to see her puppies. Then we picked her up and headed to Third Realm with Cash.
  • The kids enjoyed jumping for an hour. I think that they were pretty tired today because they did keep sitting by us. Now, Anderson has been having some problems with his asthma so that was his reason. Hopefully tomorrow I can pick up a refill for some of his better medicine to help out a bit. (Don't worry though, he still has medicine here and was fine tonight.) 
  • Also tomorrow, Keaton has been complaining of a tooth that hurts. It looks dark-ish to me so that will need a dentist call and visit. Now, she acted like it didn't hurt tonight but better safe than sorry. But that is tomorrow, back to today. I started working on my to do list there on my blog, didn't I?
  • We dropped Cash off and then rushed home to take a little snooze. Before too long, it was time to head back to church. Robby and I wanted to see The Kingdom again so the little 3 came with us. Campbell and Keaton were convinced to come because we said that we would sit in the balcony. Whitman didn't think that he wanted to come, but he was so wide eyed the first time we saw it, that I knew he would enjoy it again.
  • The line to get into the church house stretched all the way across the parking lot. It was something to see. The place was packed tonight with over 200 in the overflow. We enjoyed it so much again.
  • It was already late when it was over but we had a few errands to run. Robby dropped me off at Kroger where I did some speed shopping. Then he ran with the kids to Dairy Queen to pick up our burgers-not for tonight, but for tomorrow's lunch. He also picked up the little drinks at McDonalds.
  • I really did some speed shopping. I had to stop shopping when my buggy was full-completely full. So I checked out and had to wait a good 10 minutes on Robby to finish running his errands. If you remember the show Supermarket Sweep, I would be a good contestant on there.
  • Once at home, it was quickly bedtime for the kids and time to unload the groceries, do laundry and dishes for Robby and me!

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