April 7, 2019

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  • Anderson was the only one awake this morning. I had to climb over Graham, Alyssa and Reagan to open the blinds so people would start stirring around here. I did carry Whitman down the stairs to snuggle with him a bit in the bed before he put on his clothes and left me.
  • For some very strange reason, we were all ready early this morning-actually we were ready early enough that even Robby and I sat down for a few minutes before rushing out the door.
  • Robby took Campbell and Keaton to church first since they had to sing on the stage during worship. The rest of us left about 5 minutes behind them. We made our rounds to see the grands and then settled in our row for church.
  • We are already a bit smushed on our row and that was even before Campbell and Keaton came to join us after they sang. Many of us have a little bit of a cold but Campbell and Graham are the current cough-ers. 
  • After Graham had coughed enough, I pointed for him to leave the place. He walked out and lo and behold Campbell realized what had just happened and started coughing herself. I guess her little mind thought that coughing was her ticket out of there. She did cough enough that the lady beside her handed her a pack of life savers. 
  • We survived the rest of church without anyone having to leave or being given more candy. then it was Sunday school time for a few minutes before we headed out to work Feed the Need. We had a few minutes to eat lunch which Robby had picked up for us.
  • Then we joined the masses of folks working at the Kroger. There were tons of people there, but quite a few of the kids ended up in the truck sorting bags of food with me. I thought that this was a perfect spot for us-we didn't have to talk to people and it would be dry with the rain coming.
  • Unfortunately, not only was it going to rain but it was going to storm so we had to leave the truck. I then joined Robby on the other side of the building passing out cards to people as the came in the store. Now, it is kind of funny to watch because talking to people just kills Reagan. She tried her hardest not to say a thing to anyone at all. On the other hand, Whitman tried his hardest to memorize what he was going to say. He handed the card to one person, said "we are collecting...oh, I forgot my script!" and walked off. 
  • The rain came and the storms came so we headed inside the store to do some shopping for Feed the Need and some shopping for Feed the Dennies. Many of the kids stayed with all of the workers-I think that they really enjoyed the afternoon.
  • We then came home for a little bit, long enough to have a short nap, before we had to head back to church. Tonight, Anderson's received his 6th grade Bible. After church, they had cupcakes and lemonade so the kids certainly enjoyed that. 7 of us here have received first grade Bibles and now two Dennies have gotten 6th grade Bibles so we are racking up the Bibles from church.
  • When we came home from church, we pulled out the leftovers for supper. Then we opened up a game that Robby had bought. It is like hot potato except that when the music stops you get shocked-like really shocked. 
  • Reagan read the reviews while they were working on the batteries and she sure wasn't going to play. We did convince her finally. We first played the version with just music and no shock. After that we played the shock version with music. Eeek! It was a pretty good shock but the most fun part was watching the kids expressions when they were shocked. And lastly, we played the silent version with only a shock at the end. That was the most stressful game I think that I have ever played. My heart even might still be racing-hope that isn't from the shock! (just kidding Mom, don't worry.)

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