April 22, 2019

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  • Monday morning and I was up fairly early, but I did one of the things that I love-just laid in bed! It was wonderful and could have only been better if it was raining. When I realized that even Campbell was awake, I did get on up to start our morning.
  • Graham and Campbell went to town on their school work before we started school. They only had a few things to do during our official school day. I know they like finishing early, but I think that it would make for a long day and morning for them. Keaton realized this afternoon that maybe she wanted to finish early tomorrow so she started on her school work for Tuesday.
  • We did our reading and then everyone went to work on their own school work. We are finishing this week of school. Then we will only do 2 more weeks of school. 
  • Now there is a possibility I will have Reagan do some more science to come close to finishing it up. But I have been reminded that most real schools do not finish all of their textbooks so maybe I shouldn't feel that pressure.
  • I let the kids eat on their own today because I had a check up for my blood pressure meds. I have a new doctor and she was puzzled by my old medicine combo so she is changing my current meds. I don't mind changing meds but I do mind having to go back in a month for a recheck. As I get older, I am becoming less and less a fan of going to the doctor.
  • I hurried home so we would have time to read before heading the Third Realm. On the way there, I ran into Walmart to exchange Anderson's undies from yesterday (too small) and to pick up cream cheese for Graham's Bible study snack tomorrow. 
  • Then we jumped at Third Realm for an hour. The kids enjoyed jumping today. The moms enjoyed chatting until they turned up the music to a crazy level. Seriously, if OSHA had been there the workers would have to wear ear plugs. It was so loud that we were having to shout at each other. I would lean over and shout one thing to Amber and then have to lean towards Candice to shout it again so she could hear it.
  • Once at home, Campbell and Keaton went outside and there they stayed until 7 or 8ish. The boys and even Reagan played some outside this afternoon. They didn't go out as early as the girls, but they were still out long enough to need showers. 
  • We did have to clean our floors tonight because I neglected to sweep well on Sunday, and we had ants everywhere in the kitchen. Also we decided to defrost the fridge-the freezer has been getting frosty lately so hopefully that will help. However, that did entail us taking everything out of the fridge and freezer and carting it to the garage fridge and freezers.
  • We did use that opportunity to have lots and lots of leftovers for supper. Unfortunately, we didn't really clean much out. Well, Robby and I did devour a strawberry cake from the Wilson's house. 
  • It was nearly bedtime by the time that Robby finished with the floor. The kids weren't too happy about going to bed but there bedtime has been slowly creeping closer and closer towards 10 and I just don't like that at all!

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