April 11, 2019

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  • Only Anderson and Graham were awake this morning while no one else in the house was stirring at all. I think that my girls could sleep in their dark and cozy room for hours. 
  • Usually Keaton is a bit difficult to wake up, but this morning she was one of the first ones to grab her breakfast. After everyone had their breakfast, we started on our morning reading. That led to everyone's individual work. Today we finished Campbell's spelling up which made me super happy. 
  • My last one to finish school today was Whitman. I am not too sure what in the world he did all morning long. Seriously, that child. Keaton would finish her school work in 30 minutes to an hour, but it takes Whitman forever. Not because the school work is hard for him, but because he rolls on the floor, talks to everyone, plays with everything and even probably hides a bit!
  • We had our lunch and did some work on our chores. Then Keaton and I finished work on her clothes. Robby came in the closet at once and just uttered, "oh my." It was indeed a mess.
  • Then we did some more reading before the kids had some down time. Then we loaded everyone up and headed to Third Realm. After a bit of jumping it was time to head to the next event.
  • Of course the next event, was getting gas for my car. I was down to 7 miles before empty. Then it was to Chick Fil A for free nuggets for everyone. The place was quickly filling up with church folks as we gobbled down our food to head to practice.
  • The kids all had soccer practice tonight. This was my first time so my main duty was to keep Whitman out of the creek. I did pretty well until almost the end. He at least didn't get his feet wet, but he did manage to take Graham's hat and scoop water up with it. Bless that child, I'm just not sure if he will make it!
  • Once we came home, everyone had to shower-we probably should have taken two showers to get all of the pollen off of us. Then we had popcorn and watched some tv before it was bedtime.

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