April 15, 2019

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  • I told Robby last night that if I woke up before 7, then I would walk on the treadmill before school time. I then also encouraged him that if he had to go to the bathroom before 7 to please be very, very quiet. Thankfully, I slept soundly until my alarm clock went off. Honestly, mornings would be the ideal treadmill time, but that just doesn't work for lazy me. Now, I was able to walk this afternoon.
  • We started on our school work and most folks flew through it quickly. We are steadily marking things off making school days a bit easier which is nice. Everyone finished fairly early and went to work on their chores.
  • On Friday, Keaton had mentioned that her tooth hurt. I looked at it, and it looked brownish but her gums didn't look swollen. I looked and saw that our dentist was closed on Fridays so this morning, I asked if her tooth was still hurting. She said that it was a tiny, tiny bit.
  • I wasn't really sure what to do, but did call and make an appointment. Robby took her there at noon, and around 12:20 he text to tell me that they were about to pull her tooth. Apparently, her tooth was abscessed. Her permanent tooth is about to grow there so no need to worry about the space. Dr. Jolley said that she did super great and has already text to see how she was doing.
  • When she did come home, her little face was puffy and she had cotton in her mouth. Bless, she looked pitiful. Campbell went into nurse mode and made sure that she was okay. We had been in the middle of working on shoes so Campbell helped Keaton try on and pick what shoes she wanted. 
  • I had put applesauce in the fridge for her, but she said that she didn't like applesauce. I scanned the fridge for something soft since she hadn't had lunch. Robby had bought her a Sonic drink, but her mouth was too numb to drink it. Thankfully, I did find her some marshmallows. (She gobbled down chicken spaghetti for supper and popcorn for snack tonight didn't seem to bother her.)
  • Soon we headed the Third Realm to meet our buddies. I wasn't too sure that Keaton would jump-she wanted to go but had said she wasn't going to jump-but jump she did. Everyone had lots of fun jumping and were incredible sweaty when we came home.
  • The girls and Whitman played outside and actually only came in to eat supper for a little bit tonight. Then everyone but Whitman headed back outside. He was in the middle of a Wizard of Oz cartoon. 
  • We were going to have everyone come in at 8, but they all floated in minutes before. They took their showers, and we all settled in the living room to watch the Wizard of Oz. Whitman had been begging to watch it for weeks so tonight was finally his night. 
  • Robby made two batches of popcorn for us to eat. Most everyone liked the movie but they were not as interested in it as Whitman. He loved every single minute of it! Now he is just waiting on the book on tape that is coming from the library soon. 

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