April 17, 2019-Branson Trip 2

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We all slept pretty well in our room. Next door though, Grannymom said that Anderson coughed and coughed in the middle of the night. She did wake him up to have him drink some water and made his pillows higher and that did solve it.

The poor guy does have a pretty good cold. We had only gotten about 50 feet from the car today at Silver Dollar City when he asked if I had his breather. I ran back to get that and he took a puff from it. I should have thought about all of the pollen and given him some zyrtec. (I give some to Keaton each morning for her eczema so I will now start giving him some each morning.) 

By mid morning, Anderson's eyes kept getting redder and redder. They were soon bright red, and he couldn't stop rubbing them. Robby walked back to the car to get the eye drops for him. I was pretty thankful that we were packed up and those drops weren't back at the hotel. I now know that I need to bring them where ever I go right now. After we poured the bottle into his eyes, they did improve. It was pretty amazing how fast that medicine helped his eyes.

Unfortunately, I don't have any medicine that helped his stuffy and runny nose tonight. I would have to assume that he just has a cold or possibly it is allergies-either way, he was pretty miserable tonight when he went to bed. Hopefully, he will sleep all night long.

Back to our morning though. My room slept a bit too long and had to scurry around to get ourselves ready. We still had plenty of time to enjoy our breakfast. The breakfast was decent but there was no place to sit because they had the breakfast room filled up with a swap meet of some sort. Odd. 

Then we loaded the car and headed to Silver Dollar City. The kids saw a bus and began panicking about there being long lines. They were pleasantly surprised when we could pretty much walk right on any ride all day long. The longest they had to wait was probably about 10 minutes the first time they rode Time Traveler. The next time they rode the ride there was no wait.

We hit all of the big rides today-even the big kiddie rides. I still haven't gotten Whitman to the ropes area and on the train. We did stop at the ball place, and all the kids loved that. They have all of these loud guns and cannons that shoot balls out. However, Graham and Reagan didn't use those-they just continually pegged each other with balls over and over again. 

Grannymom and Grandpa saw a show in the morning time. Then we joined them at another saloon type show. Keaton, Campbell, Graham and Whitman were sitting on the front row. It was pretty funny so I know that they enjoyed it. Afterwards, we went to find some lunch. There weren't a lot of places open so we mainly just ate our snacks from our bag. We did however end our lunch with our cinnamon bread.

In the afternoon, Grannymom and Grandpa went to another show while we finished riding the rides. We all finished up at about the same time and then headed back to the car. The ride home wasn't too bad at all. We stopped in Marshall to pick up some pizza and potty. 

The pizza was delicious or we were very hungry. We pretty much devoured two huge pizzas. We ate in the car and everyone continued asking for seconds. The ride was a bit long up until Marshal but after everyone had supper and a drink in their hands, the ride seemed to fly by. 

In Conway, Grannymom and Grandpa climbed in Robby's car and rode home with them. The rest of us hurried home so we could unload the car before Robby made it home. We had the car mostly unloaded when he came. Then we put everything away and then loaded up Robby's car with our garage sale stuff to drop off tomorrow.

The kids had showers while Robby and I worked on some cinnamon rolls. There is just not enough hours in the day. The dough is rising now, then we have to roll it out and let it rise for another hour before baking it! It might just be a late night.

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