April 5, 2019

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  • No school today for the Dennie's. Around nine, we loaded the car and headed to LR Christian. They had a play today which they offered to homeschoolers. We jumped on that along with all of our buddies. 
  • The play was Meet Me in St. Louis, and it was really neat. It has been years since I have been to a high school play so I was very impressed. The kids all seemed to enjoy the play, but Whitman was the one who was singing the songs still when we made it home.
  • We arrived home just as our homeschool buddies all arrived as well. Robby had our lunch ready when we came home. He had frozen pizza, and one was slightly burned which we devoured. I guess we all like super crisp pizza.
  • After everyone else ate, we stared on our tasks. Our first order of business was to stuff almost a thousand eggs for The Shack. They have an Easter egg hung for kiddos that live nearby so this is our 4th-ish year to do eggs for them. 
  • It didn't take long at all to stuff all of the eggs. We had a few less this year than last year, but the kids are all a year older so they were able to work much better. Once the eggs were finished, we moved on to the next task-finishing the pinatas we started last time.
  • Nitzia had done all of the work cutting streamers for the kids. So it didn't take them long at all to glue and finish their pinatas. Whitman helped a tiny bit but then snuck off to the playground to play some. Everyone really enjoyed working on their pinatas, but they really enjoyed what came next.
  • Nitzia had brought a huge pinata-larger than anyone I had ever seen. The big girls stuffed it completely full of candy. Robby was able to help us hang it from Keaton's swing. Everyone took turns hitting the pinata starting from the youngest to the oldest. Candice was the one who finally cracked the pinata which means that all of the kids had a chance to hit the pinata and even the adults started hitting it. 
  • Everyone left with lots of candy, and my folks began munching on it this afternoon. The kids are great about helping clean when all of our friends leave. When we came back in the room from seeing everyone off, Campbell was already vacuuming the kitchen. Soon everything was vacuumed, swept, straightened and back to normal in the house.
  • This evening Robby and I had to run to a visitation at church. The line was long so we had to run to our plan B grocery store and plan B Chinese. We payed an ungodly amount for gratorades at the store, but did come home with some pretty good Chinese food.
  • Once at home, everyone ate-again we bought too much food. That is a good thing though because there will be plenty left for us tomorrow. Then we let the kids stay up way too late because tomorrow is our first soccer day!

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