April 20, 2019

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  • Another early morning for us. Today was a beautiful soccer day. All of the boys played first and were all excited. Anderson and Graham were excited about playing, but more excited about the birthday party they were going to later in the day. Whitman wasn't excited about playing at all but was excited about getting his game over with and earning his dollar.
  • Whitman did super again this week. Now when I say "super" that is a relative term. He didn't lay down on the field, cry or chase butterflies during the game. He actually ran the entire time and kicked the ball many times. I think there is a possibility that he just might score a goal by the end of the year.
  • Someone told me today that Anderson and Graham were the best players on their soccer team. They did lose by 2 today, but both played hard. I think that both of them were so close to scoring today. I didn't see a whole lot of their game because since Robby was coaching the big boys, I did stay closer to Whitman's game except when he was on the bench.
  • We then had a break between game. Keaton and Campbell stayed at Raymar while the rest of us ran an errand. All of the boys changed out of their uniforms while on the way. Now, I did leave Whitman's shoes at home so while we were at Walmart buying Anderson dress sandals, we picked up Whitman another pair of slides so he could have dry feet today. Those fields are so wet in the mornings that his shoes and both pairs of socks were soaked.
  • We then struggled to find something for lunch since it was just 10. Robby tried to get us food from a few places but we did end up with pizza. Even though it was early, we still ate our lunches when we arrived back at Raymar. 
  • Keaton's game was next which was fun. Reagan was her ref and Robby was her coach. And not surprisingly Keaton's team won their game-it helps to have a sympathetic ref. Keaton scored 2 of her team's 3 goals. She was so excited because Robby had told the kids that they would receive an additional dollar for each score that they made. 
  • After Keaton's game, I ran Anderson and Graham to a birthday party. They had a blast while there. It was a laser tag party so they came home even more hot and sweaty and sunburned! I had put sunscreen on the back of everyone's necks but neglected to think that it was a lot sunnier than last week and we needed more sunscreen. (I am glad that I did put sunscreen all over my face this morning.)
  • Campbell's game was last. I arrived in time to see most of it. She had Robby and all of her grands watching her so she was not neglected in the least. Campbell was the goalie the entire game. She is a great goalie but I don't think that she likes doing it the entire time. 
  • After the game, we did run to Kroger to find some rolls for tomorrow's lunch. Thankfully, there were a few bags left. Then it was home to unload the car and put those things away. I then worked on making the dip for tomorrow while Robby ran to pick up a trailer for some yard work.
  • He arrived home just as I was leaving to pick up the boys. I could tell by their attitudes that they were very tired after the party and soccer. But we still had hours of yard work to go. Anderson mowed and mowed outside while the rest of us raked, picked up sticks, and pulled weeds. The yard does look a lot better but we have miles and miles to go before it is all done. 
  • While Robby finished up outside, everyone had their showers and helped me decorate our Easter cookies. Then we all loaded up to go to Chickfila for a little treat. Once at home, Robby did shave off Whitman's mohawk.
  • Then I cleaned the kitchen and by the time that I sat down to do the blog, it was already bedtime for the crew. I know that they were a sleepy and sunburned bunch tonight.

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