April 2, 2019-Happy 6th Birthday Whitman!

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  • Graham was the first one awake this morning. He had even finished most of his school work before I climbed out of bed. Graham likes to wait to work with me until he has finished all or most of his school. That way he doesn't have to come back to work with me to correct his stuff; we can just do our work and corrections all it once.
  • However, if you wait to work with me, then you just have to wait until I am free. He doesn't like to have to wait and will pace in my bedroom until I have finished working with whoever I am working with. So today, he woke up and finished his stuff so he would not have to wait at all today.
  • When Whitman walked into my room this morning, he walked in grinning. He knew that today was his special day and was ready to hear someone wish him a Happy Birthday. Soon, we were all in my bedroom gathered around him singing Happy Birthday to him with his candle in a bowl of Lucky Charms.
  • Today was a special day of school for Whitman because not only was it is his birthday, but it was also our 100th day of school. Whitman has been keeping count each day so I am pretty sure that his count is accurate. 
  • Instead of giving him quite a bit of work to do today, I just had him do lots of fun things (or at least I thought that were fun.) He had to put numbers in order from 1 to 100. This took the boy forever, and Campbell even had to stop what she was doing and help him. He also made a snack mix out of 100 items. 
  • It was soon lunch time-we ate about 30 minutes earlier than usual today. For some crazy reason, the kids were all finished with their school very early-even Anderson. I was even able to start working on the boys' clothes before we ate our lunch.
  • The kids then did their chores before we did a little bit of afternoon reading. We didn't read too long because we soon headed to Third Realm for a mini-birthday party. Today was Brody's birthday too so we had cupcakes after the kids jumped. 
  • The lady wished Brody and Whitman a Happy Birthday over the loud speaker. Whitman was so excited when he realized that they "really said" his name. It was pretty cute. Afterwards, Robby rewarded everyone with a Sonic drink while I ran to the library.
  • Back at home, we did a bit of work to get our supper ready. Since we had lots of leftovers and since it was a birthday, all of the grands came over for supper tonight. The kids were happy to have them over tonight. 
  • When they left, my crew started on their showers and then we had a little bit of ice cream so Whitman could blow out one more candle before his birthday was over!

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