April 6, 2019

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  • We should have woken up earlier than we did this morning, but Robby still had time to make biscuits and cinnamon toast for my soccer stars. He did have a hard time finding Whitman this morning-he was in Anderson's bed. Then Robby couldn't even wake the boy up!
  • We did leave a few minutes later than we should have today, but we did make it to Whitman's game on time. He doesn't really want to play soccer, but Robby offered him a dollar for playing hard so the boy did so much better than last year.
  • Listen, last year Whitman kicked the ball about 10 times total. This time, he was near the ball the entire time. He kicked the ball a few times and thankfully, never rolled around in the grass. During halftime, he looked at me and asked, "what do I have to do to get that dollar?" I told him to keep running and playing hard. And he did!
  • He was so happy when his game was over-well probably because his game was over but also because he was given a dollar to spend at the snack shack. The boy was so pleased with his skittles and some other gooey candy.
  • We then had a break during the next game and stayed in our spots to watch the Heltz littles play their game. Next up was Keaton's game. Last year, Keaton was a power house but this year she is one of the youngest on her team which makes a big difference.
  • She did 4 cart wheels coming out of the tunnel which probably made her more happy than anything that happened during the game. Her team lost but they did really well. Robby is Keaton's coach and spent the first half of her game, yelling and coaching with his ear buds in his ears listening to a funeral.
  • Now during Keaton's game, Reagan was on another field being a referee. She gets to ref this year to make some money for her camp. That will be a really great thing for her since she has to pay for her second camp. She reffed two games today. I did watch her and she really did good. She was in charge of the field-used her whistle and told everyone what they needed to do. I did hear of a few coaches fussing at the refs today (nor Reagan) so I might better keep a closer eye on her.  
  • Anderson, Graham and Campbell all played the last game. Robby is Anderson and Graham's coach. They did really well. They do have one player who really just stands there. They just lost by 1 point but I think both boys had fun. Last year, Anderson's team just weren't any good at all. This year at least they have a chance.
  • Campbell missed her first practice and her second and extra practices were both rained out so she didn't know her coach or team today. She played goalie for a while, and at one point the ref was talking to her. The ref was a girl that Robby coached in Upward Soccer when she was probably 4. Now she plays soccer all the time and was giving pointers to Campbell. I thought that was really neat. 
  • Campbell's team did lose, but they had fun. She did tell me that her coach told her that he needed her to score a goal because she was the best player on the team. I am not sure if that was really said or if he said that to everyone (like I tell all the kids they are my favorite.)
  • We made it home right before the rain started. I pulled out school for tomorrow and made some brownies while Reagan showered. Soon Robby and Reagan headed to Bryant to take her to a middle school party. They were having a crawfish boil during the basketball games tonight. 
  • Robby picked up pizza for our supper and made it home just as it was raining pretty hard. The rest of us huddled up in the living room to watch the games.  
  • We tried to watch the games but all we could hear were sounds of people coughing. Cough, cough went Graham. Cough, cough went Campbell. Cough, cough went Keaton. Aaagh! It could kind of make a person crazy. I gave them all a big dose of cough medicine that didn't help a lick. 
  • When the second game was almost over, we sent the little 3 to bed. Robby was heading out then as well to pick up Reagan and Alyssa along with Noah and Kennedy. He dropped the LR people off and then came home with Alyssa and Reagan. She spent the night over here. Robby listened intently on the way home to glean as much information as he could!
  • We have to wake up early tomorrow because Keaton and Campbell sing in big church. Hopefully, we can manage with all of our little sunburned faces. Well, I am not sunburned but everyone else is a bit pink. I did spray the backs of the boys' and Robby's necks but neglected to do Reagan's so she is pretty red.

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