April 26, 2019

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  • I would like to start school at 8, but somehow it keeps getting later and later each day. Today was just 8:20 so it wasn't that bad. However, it does cut down on our reading time, and I have a precise schedule that I need to follow so I can finish some of our books before the end of school.
  • The kids all blew through their school work-especially Campbell who was almost finished by the time that we began-she knew she was going places today and was ready to leave. By 11, she had text Pops and asked him to come early to pick her up. She had finished her school and chores and packed her bag. She wasted no time at all.
  • Everyone else finished early too today which was nice. That did give me a chance to pull out school for the next week. Plus I started figuring out what I wanted everyone to do during the summer. There are only going to be 3 weeks this summer that all of my people are here and one of those weeks are VBS so it looks like this is going to be a pretty busy summer for the Dennie kids.
  • This afternoon went by fairly quick. I did walk on the treadmill-I don't mind it when I have some decent tv to watch, but today I just wasn't into it and wasn't pleased with any of my tv shows. 
  • When I finished, it was time to leave for Reagan, Anderson and Graham's last EAST. Their groups had presentations which was open to the families. They all had a bit to say during the presentations, and afterwards the teacher gave awards. Reagan's award was the Helping Hand award, Anderson received the Friendliest Neighbor and Graham's award was for an Awesome Attitude. 
  • Overall, they really learned a lot in their EAST program. They did learn and do more during the first semester than in the second, but it was still a good experience for them. I could almost be convinced to sign them up to do it again...almost.
  • Afterwards, we ran to Kroger to pick up some cheese that was on sale before dropping the boys off at basketball. While they were playing, we ran home for a few minutes. Then Keaton, Robby and I went to pick them up. Cash called on our way there to tell us that they finished early so our second trip to the store was delayed until after we picked up the boys.
  • Once at home, we heated up some pizzas and settled in for a quiet rest of the night doing nothing. 

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