April 9, 2019

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  • Another day of school here. I'm feeling better today but still stuffy. Reagan is the pretty much the same. However, after letting everyone stay up until almost 11 last night, it was pretty hard to wake everyone up. 
  • Anderson and Graham were already awake, but the others dragged themselves down the stairs. Well, Whitman did have me carry him down the stairs, and I agreed. I laid him on the couch, and he asked me for a "surprise breakfast." 
  • I wasn't really to stir up a surprise breakfast for the boy so he just received cheese and crackers along with some fruit loops. He told me that he didn't like the fruit loops so I munched on them as I read and read and read this morning.
  • Things went fairly well with school this morning. Graham did have a melt down with his writing, but he did pull it together and finished well. He gets easily overwhelmed. His writing curriculum has him write a paragraph (this week 2) but then he has to add a whole list of dress ups and sentence openers to make the paragraph a bit fancier. Nothing about his writing curriculum is easy and it just gets harder each year.
  • We finished in time to eat lunch and do just a few chores. The girls and I had to leave around 1:40, so we had to do our afternoon reading pretty fast. 
  • Today, Keaton and Campbell cashed in their Christmas gifts. They had each received tickets to take their friends to the movies. The girls decided that Dumbo was a good movie to see and indeed it was pretty cute.
  • Three of our friends were sickly so it was just 5 friends. We did get to pick up Laynie from school so that was fun. I had brought candy for everyone and then bought plenty of popcorn and had cups to split a few drinks for them. I felt like a waitress at the end of the movie-passing out candy, scooping up popcorn and refilling drinks. I made about 3 trips to the concession stand plus 2 trips to the bathroom during the movie so I really don't know if the movie was good or not since I didn't see half of it.
  • After taking everyone home, we met up with the boys at Nonna and Pops' house. They had a big afternoon-the went to Nothing but Bundt Cakes to receive a free cake. Whitman was pretty excited that he got a cake just for him. He also thought the name of the store was pretty funny since he really couldn't see "bundt" and it came out more like "butt."
  • Nonna and Pops had supper for us since we missed Sunday lunch at their house. They had hamburgers and all of the fixings. After we ate, Nonna also had one last birthday cake for Whitman. He had pretty much already forgotten about his birthday so was happy to blow out one more set of candles. 
  • Once we came home, the kids had their showers while I prepared Anderson's monkey bread to make for his Bible study snack. Plus everyone had to pack their lunches for tomorrow. I hope that I reminded everyone to pack their lunch! We shall see tomorrow at lunch time.

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