April 19, 2019

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  • It was an early morning for us-I started stirring everyone around 7:15. Most everyone popped up. They were excited about their lemonade stand but they were also excited about getting to help at the garage sale. 
  • By the time that I was dressed, everyone else was ready. I am glad that we did grab coats as we were getting in the car because it was cool and windy all day long. I was actually a bit miserable when I made it home because I was just so chilled. 
  • When we arrived at the garage sale this morning, the kids set up their lemonade/cinnamon roll/ cookie stand. Business was pretty slow at first. Whitman and Anderson worked the stand the most with Campbell in at close second. 
  • It was too chilly for lemonade, but the snickerdoodle cookies were certainly the hit. We just about sold out of them. We only had a few takers on cinnamon rolls which works out perfectly because we have plenty for breakfast tomorrow and for snack tonight. The kids ended up making 25 dollars so that was really pretty good. I think that they were all very pleased.
  • My Campbell and Keaton spent most of the morning shopping. They really wanted to help with the garage sale like Lilly and Reagan were able to so they shopped instead. They did find quite a few little treasures. 
  • Robby came around lunch time with hot dogs and wraps for everyone to eat. The kids ate like they hadn't eaten in a day or two. Once Robby left the big 3 plus Whitman headed home with him. Campbell, Keaton and I stayed a little bit longer. We eventually headed home for a few minutes.
  • While we were at home, I stuffed the rest of our Easter eggs while some the boys and little girls played outside. Then it was time to meet the Powells at Third Realm. The kids enjoyed jumping today and I enjoyed chatting with Amber. 
  • After coming home, we ate some supper then Robby cut the boys' hair. He did leave one child with a Mohawk. Whitman was so excited when Robby said that he could have his hair cut like that. 
  • While Robby was cutting hair, I had everyone else working on cleaning the house. The house is now clean and afterwards, we dyed our Easter eggs. The kids still enjoy doing that, but they do take less and less time each year. Whitman and Campbell were the last ones working tonight.
  • Campbell, Keaton, Whitman and I then went to work cutting out and baking cookies for Easter. That didn't take too long and when they was done, I sat down in my new chair. Dana was getting rid of one of her chairs so I snagged one for me. It is so much more comfy than the brown leather chair that I usually sit in at night.
  • At bedtime, we did the resurrection eggs. Everyone is big enough now to take 2 verses and read them before opening an egg. It is the sweetest thing to hear them all able to read scripture. Of course, Whitman's little baby voice is precious. He is working on memorizing the Lord's Prayer during school so he reads it every day and my heart just melts listening to him. 
  • We again stayed up way too late since we have to wake up way too early in the morning, but everyone is excited about playing their games tomorrow.

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