April 8, 2019

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  • I do believe that Robby is the only one in this house who is not sickly or has not recently recovered. Reagan and I have been the last two to fall victims to our little cold that we are all passing around. 
  • I could have actually stayed in bed a lot longer this morning, but school was calling my name. It was a bit later than usual, but we still knocked out our working together. Soon I started working with everyone individually. I used to save Whitman to the end to work with, but he now wants to work with me earlier in the morning. That is fine because he sits in my lap while I read him a book and he reads me one, so I enjoy a bit of cuddle time.
  • I had time to work on some of my garage sale stuff this morning before we had lunch. Even Anderson was finished with his work before it was noon. Everyone ate while I read some this afternoon. 
  • The kids worked on a few chores-the girls' closet has become pretty trashed lately. I did have them pick it up some but I do know that in a few days, it will be time to switch over to summer clothes. 
  • We actually started working on Keaton's clothes today. I didn't find an Easter dress for her in the boxes her size so I went to a larger size box. Thankfully, the very first box that I opened had the perfect and cutest dress ever laying on the top. This made me so dreadfully happy.
  • Reagan had a quick meeting at church this afternoon. Afterwards is when I did go to work on Keaton's clothes. I am not sure if we can do anything else tomorrow, but hopefully we can on Wednesday.
  • I had bunko tonight so I left a bit early to pick up movie tickets for tomorrow. Then I went to have Anderson's name on his Bible. They were no longer doing that at Lifeway so I went to Mardels. It was perfect because I had just enough time before my bunko.
  • Meanwhile, at the house the girls and Whitman stayed outside for a good while. The girls stayed out until Robby had one of the boys call them in. I think that they enjoyed being outside for a bit this afternoon. 
  • The game was still on and the boys were watching it so we did let everyone stay up for a bit longer to see the end of the game-though Graham was the only one who was watching or really the only one who remotely cared. 

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