April 4, 2019

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  • Oh the rain was wonderful this morning. It could have only been better if I didn't have to wake up and go to the bathroom. I could have stayed in bed for another hour or so. I guess though my small bladder is a good thing because we did need to start our school.
  • Now, Graham was awake but no one else was too ready to wake up and enjoy the rainy weather. Whitman was standing in the middle of his room having just crawled out of his bed when I opened his door. The girls were a bit more difficult to wake up than the boys.
  • We did our school work and things went fairly well. There wasn't too much drama during the day. Everyone finished in a decent amount of time, and soon we were working on our lunches.
  • After lunch, the kids helped me with some chores. We have the homeschool buddies coming over tomorrow so their was a bit of housework to be done. Whitman did have to put up all of his presents-I had to clear a spot in the pantry for all of his drinks and mini fridge supplies.
  • We worked together again in the afternoon. Then we had a few minutes of downtime before heading to Third Realm. The plan had been to skip our jumping today, but because our soccer practice was cancelled, I decided that we should have a little bit of activity in our day.
  • While we were at Third Realm, the two worker men came towards me laughing. They said that they had figured out how much money I had saved. He said that we have been there like 23 times so that would be around 1500 dollars. I grabbed my phone and opened my spreadsheet. I explained that we had been there over 30 times and my average cost per jump was around 1.40 something. Robby said that I was the reason that they will not have the 6 month jump pass again. 
  • On our way home, we ran to Walmart. Each year the kids all have socks and underwear in their Easter baskets. It is a bit more difficult to buy underwear and socks for the big kids now. They know exactly what they want so I just decided to let them help me. Today I took Reagan and Campbell into the store to pick out their socks and underwear. Campbell was all into it but Reagan didn't want to have anything to do with it. 
  • I am not sure if she doesn't really have an opinion or was embarrassed about buying undies with her mom. This made me enjoy the shopping trip all the more. I held up and asked about every single thing. Do you like this one? Or this one? I probably shouldn't take so much joy in embarrassing my child. 
  • Afterwards, we came home for a little bit. Robby and I debated about what to have for supper. We decided on quesadillas until we saw we didn't have enough tortillas. Then we opted for frozen pizza except during this time I remembered that I left my empty bag that we put our shoes in at Third Realm.
  • It just had some socks and our passes in it, but we did go up there to retrieve it. On the way home, we did stop buy Burger King to buy supper for the crew. We bought a bit too much but it can be lunch tomorrow. Campbell and Keaton are both a bit sickly so maybe that is why they didn't eat as much as normal.
  • After we cleaned up the kitchen, Anderson and I went to work on making funnel cakes. He had said that he wanted to make funnel cakes when we were at Silver Dollar City so I found a recipe. Now the recipe was for baked funnel cakes and not fried so that probably accounts for some of the taste. It was kind of like eating a waffle and an egg at the same time. Now, it was doused in powdered sugar so that did make them taste a lot better. 
  • Shannon and Brett came over for a bit and had some of our dessert with us. When they headed home, the kids had a few minutes before it was time for everyone to head towards the bed. 

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