July 10, 2019

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  • I will apologize in advance for my blog since I have already fallen asleep a few times on the couch tonight. I even sent Robby a link to an article while I was snoozing. Hopefully, I can stay awake for the next few minutes or so at least while I am typing.
  • The morning started at 5:40 when I went upstairs to make sure that Reagan was awake. She was sitting in her bed, fully dressed with the lights on. I did remind her that Keaton was trying to sleep in her room, but she pointed towards Keaton who had her head covered and was sleeping soundly, so I let them be. 
  • I went to get myself ready when I remembered that Graham wanted to go with us this morning, so I ran back upstairs to wake him up. He jumped up and soon we were on our way to church to drop Reagan off for her mission trip to St. Louis. 
  • We did stop at McDonalds to buy her a drink for the road. She had wanted to buy a frappe but opted for a smoothie instead. She was afraid that she wasn't going to like the coffee drink. However, Graham and I liked her smoothie better than Tropical Smoothie's smoothies.
  • We told her bye and then stayed until the buses almost left. We tried to wait them out but they were still figuring out seats for people, and we needed to run home for Keaton and Graham's bathing suit.
  • We made it home with about 5 minutes to spare before we had to load up and leave again. I ran upstairs to wake Keaton up and soon we were back in the car. It was swim practice morning, and the kids swam hard this morning. I was able to do a little bit of work on my computer so that was great.
  • Then it was soon time to head back home. When we came home, Anderson asked where we had been. Bless, he is not the most observant child! I did some things around the house while the kids played on their devices, did some school work and emptied my trash cans.
  • Soon it was lunch, and everyone made their own lunches out of our leftovers. I had time for the treadmill before we all went to Third Realm with the Powells. The boys enjoy Third Realm more than the pool these days and I think they all enjoyed it today. 
  • After Third Realm, we dropped Graham off at Grannymom's house to spend the night. She told us about a tshirt sale at Walmart so that was our next stop. We bought a few...10! (Keaton 3 blank ones and 2 that were Disney ones, Whitman 2, Campbell 1, Graham 1, Anderson 1) We were there long enough to almost fill up our buggy of other things that we "needed." I did but a few things for Campbell's birthday party.
  • Afterwards, Robby met us there and we headed to eat out. We ate at Texas Roadhouse. Just like Mexican restaurants and their chips and salsa, I could leave the restaurant before our meal arrives because of the rolls. I love their rolls and cinnamon butter that they bring out. I could fill up my to go box of rolls-oh, I did!
  • We did stop at Sams on the way home. Then I sat to look at my computer and fell asleep while Keaton was cuddled up against me. Whitman had his shower and before long it was bedtime for the skeleton crew that remains here.

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