July 31, 2019

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  • Since we were meeting everyone at 11 this morning, we woke up and went to right to work on our school.  Even though we started at 8, things went much smoother mainly because Whitman felt so much better and didn't spew all over my bedroom. 
  • Everyone breezed through their school work. I do realize that I probably should have had them do more this week, but that is okay. There is always next week-if we can be at our full load when everyone else starts school then that is a win with me, 
  • Reagan spreads her blanket out by her desk in Robby's old office to work on her school. Anderson always works at his desk while Graham does most of the time but will also work other places. Campbell and Keaton never work at their desks and float around the house. I've tried to keep Whitman close to me to do his work so far. If he wanders too far then he stops working.
  • We were finished with our work and ready to go to the pool by 10:40. The kids helped load up the car while Robby made our lunches. We arrived just before everyone else. All of our people but one were at the pool-about 20 kids in our group. So there were plenty of people to play with and plenty of people to talk to. Everyone had a good time.
  • On the way home, we stopped by Grannymom's house and then the library. Once at home, we unloaded and had a bit of downtime before the boys headed off to a swim party. Anderson had one for the upcoming 7th graders while Graham had one for the preteens. They came home pretty exhausted from a day's worth of swimming.
  • While they were gone, I walked on the treadmill and then heated up our supper. Afterwards, I did work on one of Reagan's shirts for Disney. When Anderson came in tonight, he saw the shirt and said that he liked it-I knew he was my favorite for a reason! (Kidding, I don't have any favorites-today.)
  • It was a pretty productive evening but we ended it with ice cream. Well, I had my new favorite treat-a root beer float!

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