July 2, 2019: 2019’s 4th trip to Branson on July 4th

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We started our mornings like most others-alarms ringing, lots of hitting snooze and then laundry and dishes. Anderson and Graham were already awake with their beds made, but no one else was stirring in the house.

I tried to wake everyone else up gently, but that didn’t work. I had to roll Whitman out of his bed to make it while having to make quite a bit of noise before any of the girls moved around at all. Once they did though, some had good attitudes (oldest and youngest) and some had lousy attitudes (middle). After a while though, everyone had eaten and were ready and all attitudes improved.

Robby and I had done most of our work last night so after adding a few more things to the car, we were ready to go. We didn’t make it too far before we had to stop-Conway. But that was mainly to drop Robby off at work.

The rest of us ran to the Dollar Store and picked up a box of candy for the trip. Then we had time to kill at Sams. This was easy to do because I think that the kids enjoy Sams as much as I do. We walked up and down the candy aisles, the toy aisles, the housewares and cakes. I just need to remember that I should go to Sams to make out my Christmas lists-there are plenty of things that I think I need from there.

While we were going into Sams, it started pouring outside. We had to run for cover. We made it before getting soaked, but if we had arrived just a minute later, we would have had to sit in the car for a long while. It was kind of nice walking through Sams with the rain beating on the roof. 

When Robby was done at work, we headed on up north. Robby was on a phone call so everyone quietly played their ipads. It was a very quiet ride-almost strange. We stopped at McDonalds for a potty, snack and computer stop. 

We had to drive through a few little summer showers. They were never hard, but would just come and go. We were actually pretty sure that Silver Dollar City would be empty tonight because of the rain showers. Our hope was that the showers caused everyone to leave. Unfortunately, it didn’t rain there so the park was still fairly full. 

Before we went to the park, we did stop by the hotel. It is not too often that your hotel has your name up on the marquee welcoming you. Robby is a platinum member from this hotel chain. I will not tell you how many nights this year that he has stayed in this hotel chain. You might wonder if owning a home is worth it for us!

After unloading the car and putting all of our stuff in the room which we completely filled. The room is a bit on the tiny side tonight. We then arrived at Silver Dollar City. After walking up to the front, the first thing that we did was stop so we could all play the checkers, tic tac toe and connect four. 

Then we walked to see one of the roller coasters, but the lines were still long. Soon after, we met the Heltz, and the roller coaster riding began. We mostly rode the big roller coasters today and ride them, we did. Well, the kids did!

As our kids and the Heltz crew were getting on Powder Keg, Whitman noticed that he was big enough to ride it if he had an adult. Candice was riding it, so we sent Whitman running on after her. He rode the ride and came off saying that it was the best thing ever. Then after riding it again, he felt the same way. I have another roller coaster rider-while Robby and I are riding even less and less these days. 

The kids had the most fun on the water ride where you soak total strangers. Robby, Anderson and I decided that we wanted to stay dry, so we opted to just watch. Anderson spent his time waiting strategically shooting with water. He was very careful to not get too wet himself. When the kids came around the bend, we could hear them screaming and laughing and knew that it was them. They had so much fun and were all completely drenched when we left there and walked to the log ride.

We ended the evening with Thunderation. Everyone could have stayed longer but the park closed at 7. We strolled to our car and drove back to the hotel. There we made our traditional hotel meal-chicken and cheese roll ups. Reagan said that it this was her favorite hotel meal. She added that she liked it better sometimes than going out to eat. And she wondered aloud why we don’t eat that meal at home. 

After we ate, we let the kids swim for a little bit before folks headed back to start on their showers. Of course there was another drink and a load of laundry that happened before it was finally bedtime for the Dennie crew.

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