July 22, 2019

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  • It was nice sleeping in a little bit today. Campbell, who really needed some rest, slept until after 10. The rest of the boys were up fairly early-as in, I was just getting out of bed when I noticed Graham outside hitting the ball with his new bat.
  • The morning went by fairly quickly-laundry, dishes, reading to Whitman and the treadmill. After I finished the treadmill, I helped to finish packing Campbell. I thought that she was packing in a large suitcase (carry on size), but when I took her to camp, I was surprised to see that she was actually packed in a tiny suitcase compared to the other girls.
  • After noon, we headed to take the campers to camp. Campbell and Graham were be at Camp Paron for a few days. I know that they are going to have a super time. Graham, just like his older brother does, gave me a hug before he got on the bus while Campbell, just like her older sister does, did not even wave bye to me when she got on the bus.
  • After leaving church, I headed to Third Realm with Keaton and Whitman. I thought that I would try to defy the statistics one more time and leave with no injuries. We were indeed able to leave with no injuries so that is a win. They had fun jumping, and I took my computer and was able to accomplish a few things.
  • The rest of this afternoon seemed to fly by. I did spend some time on the computer getting things ready to make another shirt or two tomorrow. It is kind of fun designing shirts-or coping someone else's design of a shirt.
  • Robby, Keaton and I did run out for dinner. We had a mystery shop so the others stayed home while we went to eat. I think that they were a bit bummed that we had such yummy food while they had leftovers-they had a choice to go with us. But when we did get home, they did devour all of my leftovers!
  • We watched a bit of a magic show thing on tv then I played Monopoly with Anderson, Whitman and Keaton. Reagan opted to take a shower while we did that! It was an exciting evening around here-not really! 

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