July 5, 2019: 2019’s 4th trip to Branson on July 4th

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When we went to bed last night, the chance of thunderstorms this morning was pretty good, so we told the kids that if it was rainy, we would skip the park and head on home. When Robby’s alarm was about to ring this morning, the thunder was rolling and it soon rain. He turned his alarm off, but woke just a bit later to beautiful skies.

We all jumped up and scurried around to still make it to the park near opening. We ate breakfast in shifts as we were finishing getting ready and loading the car. We made it just a bit after the park opened. Half the crew went to ride Time Traveler and the other half went to Thunderation. My crew rode Thunderation twice while we were waiting on the others.

At one point today, we were discussing what flavor ice cream we would get later in the day. Whitman said that he wanted vanilla. Robby encouraged him to “wear the red dress” and order something more exciting. (“Wear the red dress” has been our theme this year which means live life to the fullest. For example-don’t save that red dress for a special occasion, make a special occasion out of today.) Whitman looked up at Robby and said, “Instead of wearing the red dress, can I wear the red shirt?”

Then we all met up for the Flooded Mine followed by Wildfire for a couple of spins. The kids looked at Powder Keg but the line was way too long there. At one point, Robby took a few to the Barn Swings while Anderson, Whitman and I went to the crazy wet ride. We didn’t ride it, but the boys enjoyed spraying water on people. We eventually had to leave because Whitman continually just stood in front of the people with water guns with his arms spread out just begging them to shoot him. 

It was one more run of Thunderation for some and a walk through Grandfather’s Mansion. Then it was on to the car. We were over halfway to the car when Whitman remembered his puppy dog that he had brought into the park. So, we never ever carry around toys with us, but he asked this morning if we could just put that dog in my bag. I figured why not (mistake). At some point, as we were leaving Campbell got the dog out of my bag and gave it to Whitman. 

While we were looking in the gift shop, Whitman and Anderson went off to play with the pop guns. We were in the parking lot when he asked about his dog. I thought about not going back, but after seeing that silly Toy Story 4 movie about the lost toys, I thought that we must,

So Graham, Whitman and I grabbed our tickets and practically ran back to the entrance of the park. It was haul getting there, then we had to get to the gift shop where the dog was. And sure enough, that tiny puppy dog was laying right where Whitman had put him down. He looked lost and sad. Whitman was relieved to have that dog in his hands again. 

After that we ran back to the car. Robby had pulled up some so we wouldn’t have as far to go, but after that brisk adventure, I am sure that Whitman will not want ot leave stuff anywhere anymore. He walks so slow anyway so this was almost like torcher for him.

We were out of meat and cheese so Robby ran into a little store to fetch some for lunch. I made the lunches and as son as we were finished, we arrived at the College of the Ozarks for a little ice cream snack. 

I would so love for the kids to even think about going there-you leave with no debt. We walked around the Keeter Center after we ate our ice cream. The ice cream portions were huge, but we pretty much ate everything we had. Whitman had cotton candy and finished his in seconds. 

We toured one of their hotel rooms and sat in the beautiful lobby. We almost spent an hour there, but it was a nice end to our little vacation. After exploring a little bit, we returned back to the car.

In Harrison, we did stop at a bakery thrift store. Robby had talked about it the other day, but we didn’t see it on the way up. Today though we found it and stopped. It was pretty decent and loaded up 3 bags of goodies.

Before we knew it, we were almost home. We were a bit surprised that we had not needed to stop on the way home for a potty break or two. Robby was getting antsy to move around a bit, but we made it. 

Everyone helped unload the car and put things a way. Well, most everyone-I did find Whitman in the living room on his ipad. I quickly took that a way, but later Robby found two chairs wet in the living room. I first looked at the ceiling-it was fine, but Whitman’s pants were not fine. Gracious that boy. I guess he was so interested in his ipad that he didn’t make it to the bathroom-he didn’t even try to make it to the bathroom. He was sent to the shower in hopes that he doesn’t do that again.

It wasn’t too long after we had unloaded that we loaded back up to go to the Wilson’s house. We let Reagan stay at home while we were gone. We ate over there and had lots of Disney talk. The kids played outside, inside and even did some sparklers. 

We stayed out way too late since tomorrow will be busy days for everyone, but we had a good time. When we came home, it was pj time and bedtime for the crew. I think that everyone had a really good trip-so good, we may just do it again soon.

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