July 28, 2019

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  • Last night Whitman pulled a game out as it was bedtime. It told him that we would leave it out and play it tomorrow. I was in a good mood this morning or very confident on the amount of time that I had, because I offered to play it with him before we put on our church clothes.
  • This is apparently the way to get him to get dressed for church without a fit. He just mumbled a bit, but happily put on his clothes after winning the game. And I did have enough time to take my shower and put on my clothes before church time.
  • After church today, Reagan headed to Kennedy's house to spend the night. They had a fun afternoon, and I even received a picture of them painting their legs. I don't know what that is about, must be a teenager thing.
  • We celebrated Graham's birthday today at Nonna's house after lunch. He certainly enjoys all of the birthday attention. After lunch was finished, the big kids and I played a round of Pay Day. I loved playing that game growing up, but I was pretty fuzzy on the rules today so it was kind of a dud.
  • We came home, and Robby and I napped this afternoon. It was wonderful and would have only been better if it was raining. Before long at all, it was time for Robby and I to go back to church. The kids opted to stay home instead of run around the church house for two hours. 
  • We had a Sunday school meeting which was long...but that was fine because they fed us Tazikis. We had told the kids that they could find their own supper or wait on us to come home. On our way home, Robby picked up hamburgers and while he was getting them, I did some speed grocery shopping. Needless to say, when we opened the garage, some very hungry kids were waiting at the door.
  • After they ate, the boys worked on the trash while the rest of us worked on straightening the house. It didn't take long for things to be decent around here. The kids tried to play a game, but we didn't have batteries and I tried to do a science experiment, but it didn't work! 
  • We were all successful at doing nothing the last few minutes of the day. The kids played on their ipads while I emailed a few folks. 

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