July 17, 2019

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  • This morning seemed a bit hectic even though everything went smoothly. Campbell, Keaton, Haley and Whitman all slept in the bonus room. When I went to wake them up, they all stirred fairly well. I took down the fort while the worked on getting their green clothes on. This was team color day so I spent a good while last night finding green shirts from the attic. 
  • Traci brought over her girls and took Campbell on to swim practice in her car. Then Robby loaded up the campers and headed to Family Farm. Also about that time, Candice text saying that Graham had been sick last night. 
  • Poor thing. Sounded like he was pretty sick. She said that he was eating breakfast and sent me a few pictures of him throughout the day. I hope he continues to feel better and can sleep really well tonight. 
  • I ran around the house doing some chores. Not only was I worried about Graham this morning, but I started worrying about Reagan's foot. I was not too sure how well she will be able to hobble around Silver Dollar City this weekend. (Tonight update: she hobbled around pretty well tonight so in a day and a half hopefully it will even be better.)
  • After swim practice, I picked up Campbell, and we headed out to do some shopping. The first thing that we did was go to Walmart. Campbell was looking for a swim suit but we didn't find anything. She did find shoes that she wanted, but they were too small there. I did look to see that another Walmart had them.
  • So we went to Hobby Lobby really quickly and found just what I needed along with a project for Campbell. Then it was to the other Walmart to find Campbell's new shoes. She was so excited about those new shoes and I was thrilled that she used her gift card to buy them!
  • Afterwards, I ran Campbell home so she could pack and then she headed to Grannymom's house for the rest of the afternoon and evening. That just left Reagan and me here together. As soon as I had finished my lunch, Reagan asked to go out to eat. I declined but did help her make her smoothie-well, I didn't really help, but I did get some things out for her. She was pretty proud of her drink since it did taste better than Tropical Smoothie.
  • I worked most of the afternoon on a sign to hang in the kitchen. I am sure getting good use out of my cricut the last few days. Before too long, it was time to take Reagan to church. They had a mission trip reunion along with a game night. She said that she spent a lot of time playing nertz which was my favorite card game during college.
  • We ate our supper fairly late and then the watched some tv before it was finally bedtime for the crew.

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