July 24, 2019

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  • 8'o'clock swim team happens to early. I thought that waking Keaton up would be easy this morning. I went up there and whispered to her that it was her last swim practice. She replied "okay." I was pretty pleased about how easy it was going to be when she suddenly started shouting, "no, no." I guess it took her a minute to figure out what I had said before she woke up.
  • Robby took Keaton to swim while I did some chores. Then I met them so we could both fill up our cars. Afterwards, I ran to Sams to order Graham's cupcakes for his birthday. He still wants to make a cake so that will be tomorrow's project once he gets home. 
  • Then I had a doctor's appointment-still getting everything back in order after she changed my blood pressure medicine (messed it up might be a better word than "changed.") 
  • Afterwards, I met the kids at Third Realm. They jumped for an hour-well, Reagan didn't really jump but she did more than just sit on the couch. Then it was to the pool for a few hours. I took my bathing suit but after sitting in the shade with the cool breeze blowing, there was no way that I was going to get in the cold water. I wasn't even going to pretend and put on my bathing suit.
  • Our next stop was Grannymom's house. We dropped off Keaton to spend the night over there. She was super excited and had big plans on all of the things that she wanted to do.
  • Back at home, Shannon came over for a little bit, and we did some crafting for her momma's party. We were successful in our crafting, but we sure should have taken a picture. When that was a cleaned up, I added vinyl hearts to Keaton's water bottle.
  • I read to Whitman and as soon as I finished that it was time for me to head to Bunko. Alyssa came to spend the night at our house tonight. Robby made everyone quesadillas and lots of them for supper. Then they spent the rest of the night doing nothing. When I came home from Bunko, fairly late, all of the people were still awake doing nothing! I actually think that Reagan and Alyssa are still awake upstairs! 

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