July 26, 2019-Happy 11th Birthday (party) Graham!

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  • I have felt like this day was Saturday all day long, and even felt like yesterday was Friday so my days are all mixed up. The morning started off fairly quiet except for Whitman coming in our room at least twice to ask us something. I did grab him once and make him lay down in bed with us for a good while so that did make it all worth it.
  • Soon we were all up moving around. I did a few chores and finished reading The Wizard of Oz to Whitman. I am a bit bummed to be finished with that book because he loved it so much. Though I am also thrilled with being finished with it since things are about to get busy around here with school.
  • At 10, we took Campbell, Keaton and Whitman swimming. I think that the water would have been very chilly, but they didn't seem to mind. We were sitting in the shade and by the time that we left, I had covered myself up with a towel. I wore my bathing suit but I knew that there was really no way that I would get in the water.
  • On the way home, I took the kids by the library. I realized that it was noon and knew that they were giving away free lunches at that time, so they went in with me...except we couldn't find the lunches. I wasn't going to ask and they didn't seem to care so we just checked out a few books and headed home.
  • There was lots to do at home. I had assumed that having a party not at our house would be easier than having one at home. I was wrong-there was so much that we had to load and bring with us. 
  • As we were even loading the cars tonight (yes, it took two cars to get everything and everyone there), Robby asked me if I had the kickball. Nope! Despite my lists, I had never even thought of bringing the kickball. That would have sure changed up the party if I would have forgotten that.
  • Graham was hardly able to wait until time to go today, he was so excited. There was a good number of party guests at his party-there were about 6 families plus all of our family so it was a crowd.
  • We begin with the food-hot dogs, little sandwiches, popcorn, chips, dip, beans and potato salad. Then Graham opened his presents. He received lots of great gifts-money, gift cards, clothes, balls, socks (he was seriously thrilled with those), much needed kickball bases and even some other things.
  • Then it was time for the kickball game. We played 6 innings and things went fairly well. The teams must have been evenly matched because the game ended in a tie. On the way home, Anderson and Graham felt that we should have done a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament to determine the winner. 
  • Keaton was pegged out just about every time that she kicked the ball, but I don't think that I ever made it past second base myself. Whitman did make it home-I do believe that he was short that they forgot about him. I am not even sure what the others did, but I do think that everyone had a good time.
  • When the game was over, folks helped us clean up and soon we were locking the gates of Raymar and heading home. It took a while to unload and put up everything, but once all of that was finished I did think that maybe having a birthday party somewhere else was worth it. 
  • Graham did not want to take his shower first, because he wanted to come in and set out his presents. He even had my move our ongoing Monopoly game so he would have room for his stuff. It was a pretty great day and I am pretty sure that the birthday boy had a good party.

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