July 13, 2019-Happy Half Birthday (party) Campbell!

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  • Robby took the swimmers to swim team this morning. He did have to wake up everyone but Graham, I think. They swam hard, as always, and then stopped by Sonic on the way home. While they were gone, I kicked it up into high gear around the house.
  • Anderson was waiting on Cash to wake up before he had his breakfast. He so wanted Cash to eat a breakfast burrito but Cash wanted a poptart. So I had a breakfast burrito, and a bit later when Robby came home, he brought me a snack from Sonic. It was all delicious! I could get used to two breakfasts.
  • We did a bit of yard work this morning. The boys and I picked up sticks while Robby did some staking down on the trampoline. Robby spent the rest of the day working. Now, when he came inside from working he was covered from head to toe in dirt. Filthy!
  • Campbell helped me decorate her cake. The icing that I made didn't work out very well, but it was still a rich and delicious cake. Campbell knew exactly what kind of cake that she wanted and it did turn out really cute.
  • I took Cash home a bit after noon. Then I ran to the store with the big boys. They picked out their mission trip snacks while I did some shopping. They were able to convince me to buy a few things that I don't usually buy. Sometimes I can be a softee.
  • Once we came home, I quickly found my spot on the couch because I knew that it would be a busy evening. Before too long, it was time to get up because the party was about to start happening. Campbell has seven friends here so the house was immediately loud and chaotic. I knew that things are crazy when Graham asked what he could do to help me and Anderson picked up dirty plates in the kitchen.
  • We met Candice at Kroger for a scavenger hunt with the girls. My team had 5 on it, and surprisingly Keaton is the one who took charge. We actually thought that we had won except that we had forgotten one item (jelly that wasn't strawberry or grape) so we had to go back to get it. I am glad that Campbell was on the winning team even though my team lost!
  • As we were walking out, it was thundering so I knew that the pool might be iffy. I already had games planned out in my head, and Robby asked Campbell if she wanted to see a movie, but she really wanted to try swimming. It couldn't have been any more perfect because we were the only folks at the pool except for one or two people. It was like our own private party.
  • Robby and Graham came with pizza for everyone to enjoy. Meanwhile, Sara was on the other side of town picking up Reagan who had a wonderful time on her mission trip. Anderson was home to greet her so at least she didn't have to come home to an empty house.
  • We stayed at the pool until 8:30 and then headed home. Then we used all of the hot water in the city for all of these people to take their showers. Finally, it was time for a game about who knows the birthday girl the best. Anderson tied with Laynie and matched 6 out of 9 answers with Campbell.
  • Next up was cake and presents. Campbell opened up lots of fun stuff-candy, bracelet kit, Mickey Mouse earrings and much more. The girls then bedded down to watch a movie. The movie ended fairly late and one even decided that she wanted to go home. Thankfully, it was less than 2 miles for her mom to come and get her! 
  • After that, I did go upstairs to make sure that everyone went on to sleep. It is almost 1 now and I think that they are all asleep so I am headed downstairs to fold 3 or 4 loads of laundry that I have been washing this evening!

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