July 12, 2019

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  • Big news: On Monday at camp, Campbell asked Jesus into her heart! She is pretty proud but also a bit shy about this. We couldn't be more excited for her.
  • Our morning started here fairly early as always. By 8:15ish we were in the car loaded and ready to head to Arkadelphia. Keaton and Sophia had a blast last night and didn't even finish their movie that they started around 10 (it just only a 22 minute movie so I thought surely they would make it.)
  • They were still up before I was and were going strong as I took down the massive fort in their room. The girls room was so neat and straight the other day with Reagan and Campbell gone. I guess that I just need all of the kids to leave for a little bit and I will be able to clean this place up. (Most will be gone next week so maybe I shouldn't imply that when they are gone, I will clean. Instead when they are gone, I plan to nap!)
  • Last year, the traffic was bad and we barely made it to Reagan's Praiseworks performance. This year we were early and found enough seats near our people. The program today was great. Campbell's group of around 300 kids sang about 3 or 4 songs. Campbell even had a part doing something with a string it in. Their songs were great.
  • Then that group left the stage and another 300 kids came up. Oh, wait, I forgot about the full orchestra of kids that played 3 songs at first. Then the 2nd group came up and did their songs. I was feeling pretty good thinking that it was all over but alas, another group of 300 kids came up to sing. 
  • Now, don't get my wrong each group was amazing. These kids are so talented and to hear them singing praises was wonderful, but a person just wants to stand up after 2 and a half hours. Now I do moan about all of this, but hopefully we will have to opportunity to send some of our people to that camp next year and will be down there again.
  • After it was all over, we gathered Campbell and her luggage. Then we headed home. Once we were at home. we quickly unpacked Campbell and then she laid down for a little bit. Ha! She was exhausted. 
  • Before too long though we all met Cash at Third Realm. Then we came home for a bit. Campbell laid back down to watch some tv while the boys played. Around 6 we went to the pool. We took our supper and had some pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs. It was like we had cooked out there, but had actually just heated back up our Dairy Queen burgers that I had picked up earlier in the day.
  • The pool wasn't too crowded tonight which was good. The kids enjoyed playing and the boys loved having Cash there with us. We stayed until 8 and then headed home. The neighbors were outside so the kids played outside for a little bit.
  • When they all came in, they started on showers and then all sat around me watching me make a shirt for Whitman. I am hopeful that the shirts last and turn out well. We shall see!
  • I put Campbell and Keaton to bed around 9:30. Whitman also slept in their room since they boys are sleeping in the bonus room. He is actually sleeping in the trampoline box. We have gotten our moneys worth out of that trampoline just from the silly box!

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