July 16, 2019

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  • Another early morning of Family Farm. It was raining pretty well as Robby picked everyone off and dropped them all off at camp. Back at the house, we had a slow morning. Campbell and I did some Legos, and I did quite a bit of chores. 
  • Our day did get interesting around noon. We met some buddies at Third Realm and not too long after we made it there, Reagan hurt her foot. The girl was in quite a bit of pain. I thought that we would just walk it off, but that didn't happen.
  • We had an errand to run and each time we went over a bump, Reagan would squirm and wince. When she took off her sock, I expected her foot to be swollen instead there was just one large swollen part-like she had two ankles. 
  • I traded in my thoughts of just having her ice and elevate it in for a trip to the doctor. The took xrays and the doctor that we saw was wonderful. Her ankle and foot were just fine, but she probably has a pretty good sprain.
  • Of course I felt a bit silly taking her to the doctor, but I would have been worried watching her hop all around the house. She is making sure that she tries to stay off of it and keeps it elevated. Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.
  • Now this extra errand did manage to interrupt Campbell's shopping time. She had planned on going to Walmart and Five Below to spend some money. However, we were just able to run into Walmart to look for a yellow shirt for her camp while Reagan sat in the car.
  • Once we made it home, I got Reagan settled and then went to work on a Disney shirt for Keaton. It is cute, and I really like my heat press.
  • Robby brought the campers home, and Haley is spending the night with us. The girls went right to town. The first activity was jumping on the trampoline. Soon after, they built a fort and somewhere in there we had supper and made them take showers. 
  • After their movie was over and popcorn was finished, it was bedtime for the little girls, Whitman and Haley. They all slept in the bonus room under their fort. I tell you though, going to camp makes the kids super tired, but so does not going to camp-tonight there were lunches to pack, clothes to wash, green shirts to find in the attic for tomorrow's color day and shoes to dry. I'm not sure when my summer vacation begins but if it is almost over like the kids' summer vacation, then I have certainly missed it! Seriously though, it has been a nice break from school but I am ready to return to the normal school schedule. 

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