July 30. 2019-First Day of School 2019-2020

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  • Everyone knew that school would start this morning at 9. We had an extra hour to sleep in since everyone has a lighter load this week. I was able to accomplish a few things like the never ending laundry and dishes.
  • While I was working, Graham was busy working on his school along with Campbell. Keaton had finished most of her school work yesterday and was just waiting to work with me. Whitman seemed a bit warm still but was happily drinking his second cup of milk. He has been battling a cold and even said early this morning that his ear hurt.
  • At 9, we read our history and science and everything else that we read. It took an hour and things were moving along perfectly. We only stopped briefly for Whitman to get another cup of milk, and Reagan to put up her retainers. When we finished, e were all getting up to go our separate ways. I had just told Graham that I needed 5 minutes to put a few things up and then I could work with him.
  • I must have been looking down because I heard a commotion and people telling me that Whitman was throwing up. I jumped up and thought he was done, so I grabbed him to move him to my bathroom floor just a few feet away. He was not done so I just made things worse by making a trail through the room. 
  • I was kicking my clean, folded laundry out of the way while grabbing a towel to wipe his mouth. Bless he was pitiful. Once he was done, and it took a little bit, I moved him to the shower and clean up began. 
  • Let's talk about the Dennie kids and their compassion/mercy levels. Graham, Campbell and Keaton are full of compassion and mercy. They started talking to him, getting him water, helping him take off his clothes, asking me how they could help, mopping the floor, grabbing things for me-it was pretty neat to watch. Now, Reagan and Anderson-they just left! 
  • I will say that later in the day, Reagan made Whitman lunch. He didn't eat any of his lunch nor did he ever eat any of his breakfast. Reagan did set off the smoke alarm not once but twice while making Whitman's lunch. I ran to the kitchen when I heard the alarms but the doors and windows were already open.
  • And Anderson pretty much doted on Whitman during the day as well-once he wasn't sick anymore. Anderson carried him into Third Realm and helped him put on his socks. I guess they all do love each other.
  • After all of that commotion, school did go very well. Again, they don't have a full load but they do have lots of hard and new things. We were mostly all done by 11:30. Now, Whitman spent his morning curled up on my couch only getting up enough to sit in my lap and do his school work, to work briefly with sweet Keaton and Campbell who were trying to help him finish school and he did get up to do science with Reagan. He must have felt rough!
  • I already had him a doctor's appointment since he mentioned his ears, but would have made another one after watching him all morning long. Since school and chores were all finished by 11:40, we loaded up to meet our friends at Third Realm. Everyone had a great time-except for Whitman who slept in my lap the entire time.
  • We came home and some folks had lunches. I didn't have much time at home because it was soon time for Whitman's doctor's appointment. We did have to wait an hour, but at least I had library books to keep us entertained.
  • Whitman was correct-his ear did hurt. He has an ear infection plus swimmer's ear. He told the doctor that his ear felt like a tornado was in it! He was a card while talking to the doctor-he told her that he did not want a shot and also mentioned that he did not like eye drops. She told him that the medicine was very good because it tasted like bubble gum and he replied that he is not allowed to have bubble gum. 
  • At the pharmacy, we again had to wait a while. I was holding Whitman when someone asked if I would like their chair. I said no, but Whitman shot back, "I would." We left with an antibiotic and 2 different ear drops. 
  • I had to hurry home because the others were leaving minutes after I made it home. Robby arrived just a few minutes before I did. Graham worked on waking sleeping Whitman up for me so I could run in and make their sandwiches to take to their swim team party. 
  • The whole family was invited to the swim team party. They had food so it was supper for the crew. Not only did they pass out ribbons (2 for Graham, 1 for Keaton) and medals (1 for Campbell), but they also had a few competitions (Keaton was 1st in the belly flop and Graham was first in the cannonball competitions.)
  • No, we didn't leave Whitman at home because he was sick. We headed off to his Kindergarten promotion party at Chuck E Cheese. By this time, Whitman had a dose of all of his medicine and some motrin along with some popcorn, crackers and cheese. He then ate 2 pieces of pizza and a cookie while at Chuck E. Cheese.
  • He had a blast and certainly didn't act sickly at all. On the way home, he told me that maybe "playing games relaxes your brain and makes you not sick anymore." Or maybe it is that 80 dollars worth of medicine that I just gave you!
  • The others beat us home and were all showered by the time we got in the house. The kids played on their ipads until bedtime. Graham went to sleep before it was bedtime again tonight-he also had a cold with a cough like Whitman's so it probably won't be long until he is at the doctor!

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