July 7, 2019

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  • Sunday morning and Whitman's weekly fit wasn't that bad today. I get not wanting to sit still for an hour and a half, but gracious I hope that someday he loves church. The boys were all awake early this morning, but we did have to wake up the girls.
  • After church, we ate our lunch at Grannymom's house. The kids played outside for a little bit, and I even joined in on a game of cards. When we came home, Campbell packed a few last minute things in her bags.
  • Robby and I had our Sunday afternoon nap. Actually, my Sunday afternoon nap is probably why I don't have a fit like Whitman on Sunday mornings. After our naps, we did kick things up in high gear.
  • Well, not too high of gear-I was on hold or talking to people on the Disney dining line for around an hour. While I was on the phone, we picked up the house, loaded up, picked up pizza and arrived at the pool.
  • We had our supper there as I finished my call. (I was able to get a dining reservation for 23 folks which apparently takes an almost miracle.) The kids swam for a little bit, and Robby even got in the pool. Whitman doesn't care too much about swimming these days. He did jump off the diving board a few times, but was no hurry to get to the edge but none of this bothered him at all.
  • After swimming for about 2 hours, we headed home. I did something that I thought I would never do-used kool aid to dye Campbell's hair blue. Not all of it, but just the ends. We tried to do Keaton's hair, but it is just too dark to dye. Now, I have to find some how to dye her hair a little bit before her camp.
  • The dying of the hair took just about all evening long. There was a bit of time afterwards for us to veg out a little bit before staring this next busy week!

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