July 29, 2019-Happy 11th Birthday Graham!

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  • Graham was very specific last night-he said that he wanted chocolate chip waffles from the box for breakfast. That sounded perfect to me so I snoozed on as chaos was happening in the kitchen. When Keaton came in the room, she told me that Graham had burned his waffles and the box was empty. 
  • This caused me to sit up because I now had 2 options-make waffles from scratch or go to Kroger. As I am asking Keaton more about what happen, I realize that Graham did burn his but was able to make more. Now the box was empty, and she didn't get any. I quickly laid back down and told her it wasn't her birthday. (Don't worry though the freezer is now stocked with more chocolate chip waffles.)
  • Graham had asked to go to Third Realm this morning so last night I text all of the buddies. Reagan had spent the night with Kennedy so she wasn't there. We met up with everyone at 11, and the kids jumped until 12 when Robby met us outside with popsicles.
  • Afterwards, Robby took the kids home for lunch while I ran to go and pick up Reagan. She had a good time at her friend's house and even stayed up until 4 in the morning. Now, I certainly hope that doesn't effect her attitude tomorrow during our first day of school.
  • Not much happened here this afternoon. There was treadmilling for me, ipads for lots, xbox playing for all the boys, bike riding for Anderson and the little girls, and wiffle ball playing for Graham and Keaton. It is odd when the kids decide to go outside. It is usually just as we are going to walk out the door or do something around here. Like tonight, as we were about to eat our ice cream, Reagan and Graham went out to play volleyball. 
  • For supper, we did go to ChickFilA for one last birthday celebration. Graham (and Anderson) were a bit mortified when I pulled out my candle and lighter. They asked us to sing quietly. Hmm, guess how that request went over! We weren't loud, but we did probably sing a bit louder than usual. 
  • After he blew out his last birthday candle, he went to town on his chicken sandwich and so did the rest of us. Whitman opted to not eat and just play so when we came home, he had a hot dog. 
  • On our way home, Graham and Robby ran into Kroger for some ice cream. Most people decided that they wanted root beer floats. I had one myself and it was delicious. It was a perfect end to our big guy's birthday.

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