July 27, 2019

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  • Again that silly alarm clock just keeps going off in my bedroom each morning. I am not pleased with that clock at all. I couldn't hit snooze this morning because we had to get to the kids' last swim meet.
  • Robby took the swimmers and ran them to pick up a doughnut while Reagan and I met them at the pool at War Memorial. There were about 8 different swim teams swimming today so there were a lot of kids and a lot of races.
  • We were able to sit in the shade except that shade kept moving further and further back. By the end, everyone was huddled up against the side of the building trying to stay in the shade. 
  • Now before swim team started, Graham and Campbell were stressed about doing it because they couldn't do the freestyle or backstoke very well. You wouldn't have known that today. All places 8 and lower get a ribbon, and Graham and Keaton all will receive ribbons. Don't feel sorry for Campbell because she will be getting a medal.
  • Graham scored 8th in freestyle and 4th in backstroke. Campbell was 10th in freestyle and 3rd in backstroke. Keaton was 11th in freestyle and 6th in backstroke. We couldn't be more proud of how well they did and couldn't be more shocked about how well they did as well!
  • I think that they enjoyed it. Now, Keaton says that she will want to do swim team next year, but Campbell and Graham aren't that sure. Who knows because next May is a long time away from now.
  • Reagan and Anderson weren't too excited about going to the swim meet today. Not at all! But Anderson followed the schedule the entire time telling us when our people were about to swim. And Reagan would stand near the edge as we cheered for our swimmers.
  • After swimming, we headed home for a little bit. Robby and I sat down for about 10 minutes before putting on decent clothes. This afternoon we helped with Shannon's mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary. We were the food replenishers. Throwing away plates and refilling dishes are something that Robby and I can do well. Food service is in our blood-I guess is this homeschooling and marketing things don't work out for us, we can get a job a ChickFilA.
  • When we came home, it didn't take long for my to fall asleep for a few minutes. We didn't snooze too long because we ended up at the Wilson's house. They needed help eating all of their leftovers and I hauled my leftovers from Graham's birthday party to their house. 
  • We had a fun evening. The kids spent most of the evening outside playing wiffle ball. When we did come home, the kids went right the showers and then right to bed!

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