July 6, 2019

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  • The morning started early with swim team practice at 8:30. I am not too sure who will want to do swim next year. Campbell didn't really want to do it this year. Graham has always wanted to do it, but I think he won't care to do it again. Keaton seems to be loving it so she might be willing to do it again. I would love for Whitman to do it, but I just don't know if the boy will be able to. He is just not that motivated to swim consistently right now.
  • After swim, we ran to Walmart to pick up some snacks for Campbell's camp, along with a bathing suit for Graham, a new brush for Campbell and we also bought 2 pairs of shoes (when shoes are 3 dollars, you can't pass that up.) I know that you probably don't care exactly what I bought, but it was a good mental exercise for me to remember all of that.
  • The library was our next stop-3 books for Anderson, 1 for Campbell, and 2 for me-in case you were wondering! Ha! Afterwards, we joined the others at home. Robby had spent the morning folding laundry and cleaning the chairs that Whitman had gotten dirty yesterday. I had worked on them some, but this morning we realized that it was not enough and they needed some more scrubbing.
  • Reagan mentioned last night that she wanted to get her hair trimmed. She never ever wants to trim her hair so I jumped on that this morning and swiftly took her to get a cut. She just had 3 inches cut off and it really looks good. When we left, she acted like maybe she regretted it, but later today she said that she might should have cut some more off. 
  • Afterwards, we went to spend some of her gift cards at Tropical Smoothie. It took almost a long as Reagan's hair cut to get her food there. But she must have liked it because she said that she was going to get it the next time that she goes there.
  • Nonna and Pops ran over for a little bit this afternoon. It even rained a little bit over here which was so wonderful except I wanted to take a nap and never got that chance. I was about to when I realized that it was really time to start getting ready for the pool. We did run to the Wilson's house to pick up something and to drop something off.
  • The pool was fun tonight, all the crew was there-4 families. We were missing one family but still had 18 kids there. We stayed until they closed the pool tonight, and I do believe that everyone had a blast.
  • When we came home, I went right to work on putting some vinyl of Layne's Disney magic band. I was really testing it out to see if I could do it with ours later on. We will have to see how long the vinyl stays on hers. 
  • While I was doing that the kids were rotating through the showers and eventually went to bed. Whitman has been working hard on a magic show that is happening tomorrow. That will be interesting.

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